School Advisory Council

  • The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a combination of administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and community leaders that assist a school with determining how to best address needs specific to that school's learning community.

    Each school has a School Advisory Council that meets regularly to fulfill the responsibilities of law and policy. The SAC is a balanced group composed of the principal, teachers, parents, support staff, and students (required at high school, adult and vocational levels), business persons and other community representatives that participate in the decision-making process at the school level.

    The majority of the membership are persons who are not employees of the district. The SAC reflects the ethnic, racial and socio-economic background of the community served by the school. Each school determines the size of its SAC with a minimum of four parents and two business or other community representatives, with the exception of vocational-technical, alternative education and adult education centers, who are not required to include parents if they are not available.

    Members are elected by their peers in a fair and equitable manner by the groups represented. Parent representatives may not be employees of the school. New business or other community members are selected by the current school SAC following a broad notice of vacancies and the soliciting of recommendations from local businesses, chambers of commerce, community and civic groups and the public at large. Members are approved annually by the School Board from a list submitted by the current School Advisory Council that reflects the ethnic, racial and socio-economic background of the school community.

    The advisory committee must include in its name the words "School Advisory Council". School Advisory Council nominations are submitted no later than the first Board meeting in November and the Board may appoint additional members to achieve proper representation.


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SAC Minutes