Welcome to Critical Thinking Skills/Virtual Hold, a place where individual learning is CELEBRATED! 


    credCredit Recovery

    Students are enrolled for Critical Thinking Skills by their guidance counselor. All coursework is completed through the online curriculum PLATO, with teacher assistance to guide students through the program. All students must be ready to complete tutorials at home, as this will be an essential component to their overall success in the class. While enrolled, students will work closely with their teachers to ensure they are understanding the concepts and building a solid knowledge base. 

    virVirtual Hold

    Students are enrolled for Virtual Hold by their guidance counselor. Courses are completed through FLVS or LCVS depending on the course. Students must work on virtual courses while in class. 

    For the 2021-2022 school year, we are also housing students enrolled in Virtual College Courses.

    Parent Contact: Please email, this is the fastest way to contact me and my preferred method of communication

    Student Contact: Please use email, this is the fastest way to contact me and my preferred method of communication.

    Office Hours: 3 PM-4 PM; Monday thru Thursday in person. 

    Grades: Students are not ptovided grades in this course, they are here to "recover" or "excell" via PLATO or Virtual School.

    Canvas: I donot use Canvas. Students are assigned to various programs (PLATO, FLVS or LCVS) to complete assigned course work. 


    I look forward to getting to know each individual student and getting them prepared for gradution.



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