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    Ms. Mendoza

    Office Hours: (School hours) M-F 7:30-1:50 in-school and Remind; (STUDENTS) Via Remind messaging M-F 2p-5p

    Email: mendozak@leonschools.net **Preferred method of parent communication.**

    Physical Science Description:

    This purpose of this course is to provide opportunities to investigate the theories and ideas associated with the physical sciences in a way that is relevant and usable. Students construct science knowledge by formulating questions, making predictions, planning experiments, making observations, classifying, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating. Topics covered in Physical Science are concepts in Chemistry and Physics, as well as, nature of science concepts that serve as a basis of building science inquiry and literacy.


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    Grades are updated on Focus as they get graded. Some assignments may take longer to grade depending on the type of assignment. Missing work will have a grade of missing and indicated as a "Z". Incomplete work may be indicated as a "Z", as well. "Z" grades count as zeros on Focus. Canvas is where assignments can be found and/or turned in. Most assignments can be awarded extra credit when turned in earlier than the due date.


    Assessments (quizzes and exams) are done IN PERSON, on the school-issued Chromebooks on Canvas and MUST be made up within 1 week unless otherwise permitted by Ms. Mendoza. There will be no assessments done using mobile devices or other electronic devices. Occasionally, there will be paper versions for certain exams or quizzes.


    Students are expected to arrive on time for class and ready with all their needed materials. This includes their school-issued Chromebooks.

    Students that are absent are responsible for checking in with Ms. Mendoza to find out what they missed. This can be done as early as the same day via Remind or email (so not to get too far behind) but must be done as late as their first day back to school.Students may also access the class calendar located in Canvas (click on picture of the calendar). Excuse notes or emails must be sent to the Attendance Office for absences to be excused.


    Projects and lab reports can be accepted within 1 day of the due date with penalty. Other assignments must be turned in ON TIME. This is due to the ample time for assignments to be done during class and whatever is not finished in class becomes homework. This policy is out of respect for those students who DID finish their work on time.