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    Team Leader Responsibilities

    This is a formal position and incorporates the following duties:

    • Work collaboratively with the principal to cultivate and ensure a successful learning environment for all at ORES
    • Communicate between the administration and the team
    • Serve on the school leadership team
    • Provide leadership in the process of designing, implementing and monitoring the School Improvement Plan
    • Coach and support each member of the team
    • Provide leadership in the selection, acquisition, and management of instructional materials and resources
    • Distribute information to team in a timely manner
    • Complete administrative requests in a timely manner
    • Complete other duties assigned by the principal


    • Messages will be sent to teacher voice mail. Mailboxes should be checked as often as possible; voicemail should be checked daily and phone calls should be returned within 24 hours. (Emergencies are the only exception)

    The Superintendent understands the need for professionals in the workforce to be able to place and receive phone calls from family and for personal business.  Therefore, the use of personal cell phones and other phones by Leon County Schools’ employees is not prohibited by policy.  Employees are expected to use discretion and to limit time spent on personal calls.   It is the responsibility of the school site administrator to ensure that this does not interfere with student instruction or supervision or with employee productivity.


    • Teachers may only tutor students who they do not instruct.
    • Fee based tutoring may not be conducted in the school building.
    • Teachers who accept outside tutoring jobs must work with parents outside of school to determine fee assessed.
    • Private tutoring is not allowed on campus.

    Visitors to the School

    • All visitors must sign in the visitor’s book and wear a nametag at all times. 
    • All staff as well as, all college students, interns, teachers from other schools, parents, etc., must wear a badge on campus at all times.
    • Staff is to stop all individuals without a badge and escort them to the office, if possible.  If not, send them to the office and watch to make sure they go.  If you have any doubts, notify the office at once.


    Teachers are encouraged to utilize our wealth of parental support to enhance the school’s programs.  Volunteers are discouraged from bringing younger children during school hours.  Volunteers need to fill out the LCSB Volunteer Application and must wear an official badge.  Parents attending field trips are considered volunteers therefore any parent attending a field trip should complete a parent volunteer form and be approved to attend.  These forms must be completed prior to the field trip for LCS to process them.