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    Fund Raising

    All activities conducted in the name of the school must be approved by administration, prior to the activity.  No student should be encouraged or allowed to sell door-to-door. Students are not allowed to sell items to other students.

    Hall Passes

    Students leaving the classroom should have a pass.  All employees should ask students for a pass if it is not visible.  Students who need a pass should be escorted back to their classroom.

    Hand Sanitizer Policy

    • Hand Sanitizer may be dispensed only under the direct supervision of a teacher, teacher aide, or other responsible school employee.
    • In the event of accidental ingestion, contact the clinic immediately. 

     The complete LCS hand sanitizer policy can be found at: http://www.planning.leon.k12.fl.us/Procedures/D-39adopted.82009.pdf

    Holiday Observance

    Assemblies and classroom programs involving an explanation of religious holidays are permissible provided such programs are designed to explain and illustrate the history and significance of such holidays and do not serve to endorse the religious dogma of such holidays. 

    Holiday symbols or music may be utilized in classrooms as long as they relate to a planned unit of instruction demonstrating the historical significance of the custom or holiday as described in School Board Policy 8800.  Plans must be included as a regular part of the instructional program and are to be reviewed by the administration as part of the regular plan book review.  Parents may choose to request that their child be exempt from classroom holiday activities.  An opt-out letter can be given to parents.  Teachers should ensure that a viable alternative is scheduled for those students and that they are not singled out for undue attention.


    • Given to reinforce or follow up on classroom skills that have been taught

    ü Should be checked and returned to student in a reasonable time period in order to reinforce student learning

    • Time Expectations for Homework 

    Grade Level

    Amount of time for homework


    15 minutes

    1st grade

    15 minutes

    2nd grade

    30 – 45 minutes

    3rd grade

    30 – 45 minutes

    4th grade

    45 – 60 minutes

    5th grade

    45 – 60 minutes

    • Reading should be conducted nightly as part of the expected homework minutes.

    Each team’s homework policy should be turned in to administrators.  (This should be a copy of your letter explaining homework to parents.)