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    • Office copier-is for Office staff ONLY!  Office staff should not be put in the position of having to say that they can’t copy for you. 
    • You may choose to make your own copies (if you have been trained)
    • Printers are NOT to be used for sets for class copies.
    • Copyrighted materials will not be duplicated or reproduced without permission.
    Cumulative Folders

    Important issues to remember:          

    • All CUM folders must be signed out through the registrar and kept in a secured area at all times.  Return CUMs to the designated area by the end of the teacher workday.
    • All information is confidential.
    • Volunteers MAY NOT work with CUM folders. It is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain the CUM folder.  This includes checking CUMs at the end of the year.
    • Parents must request to see CUM folders in the office.  (Teachers may always share specific information from the CUM folders with parents in a conference situation.)
    • The Access Card should be signed and dated by all persons accessing a specific CUM folder.

    Changes made to CUM Folders:

    • Always use black ink (see exception below).
    • Current address and present school, written on the front of the CUM folder should be updated in PENCIL at the beginning of the school year.
    • Items in CUM folders should be kept in order (as listed on the CUM Folder Checklist form).
    • CUM folders may ONLY be checked out with appropriate documentation on CUM folder location card.  Return CUMs by the end of the teacher workday. 

    Request for CUM folders by other schools:

    • Must be sent out within five (5) days (Leon County Policy)
    • Paperwork (including report card) must be sent to Registrar immediately. Report Cards need to be completed if you have the student on the 30th day of the grading period.

    Developmental Play/Physical Activity

    Teachers are involved in developmental play activities and/or have eyes on students at all times. 

    Required procedures to ensure students’ safety are as follows.


    ·      Keep their eyes on students at all times

    ·      Monitor student behavior at all times

    ·      Stand and/or walk at all times

    ·      Schedule times so that no more than 2 classes are outside

    ·      Review and enforce playground rules with students

    Dress Code for Teachers

    Employees are expected to dress in a professional manner appropriate to the work environment and to make intelligent judgment about dress.   Staff members must display a professional image; this requires that they dress appropriately for their work assignment.  If you have any questions about your dress please discuss them with your supervisor.  It is the responsibility of the school site administrator to ensure that employee dress is appropriate for the location and type of work. Jeans will be limited to Fridays or field trips only.