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    School Parties

    • No more than three (3) parties per year
    • Student birthdays-snack may be provided for class
    • Teachers and students are responsible for clean up
    • Teacher should inform special area teacher if there is a conflict with special area class 

    School Rules

    Classroom rules will be developed by teacher and class and posted in the room.  A list of these rules with a positive behavior plan helps build self-esteem.  Make sure that all discipline plans are positive. Consequences may be necessary at times and are a part of the plan, but each student should be striving to earn positive rewards each day. A copy of the class rules must be sent to administration by the end of the first week of school – August 21st, 2015.

    Sexual Harassment

    All employees and students shall be allowed to work and learn in an environment free from all types of discrimination or sexual harassment.

    The guidance counselor will conduct annual sexual harassment workshops with third through fifth grade classes during the first semester.  Documentation of such training will be submitted to the District Coordinator.

    All employees will view a video and sign-off on sexual harassment training within the first semester of school.

    SITE Council/SITE Based Decision Making

    The ORES SITE Council is composed of eight (8) to twelve (12) teachers, and two (2) administrators.  This council is comprised of team leaders.  It addresses school wide concerns brought forward by teachers, parents and administrators.

    Supervision of the Internet

    Teachers must closely direct and monitor student use of the Internet at school.  A signed Internet Application Access Request Form must be secured prior to the student using the Internet. 

    Supervision of Students

    • Students should never be left unsupervised.   
    • Your responsibility for supervision is not relieved until another staff member has knowingly accepted supervision for children under your charge.
    • Students may not be left in the care of parents or university students. 
    • Only teachers are to write referrals or supervise students.
    • Students must be supervised at all times.  This means that a teacher must be able to see a student.
    • The classroom teacher must accompany a class to and from all special area classes, lunch, school assemblies and to the bus or parent pick-up area in the afternoon.
    • Teachers are to be teaching during instructional times and should use planning periods and before/after school times to handle telephone calls and other extra-curricular responsibilities. 
    • Cell phones are to be used only during non-contact time with students.


    The goal for staff at ORES is to work in unity, share ideas and decision making, support each other, respect the opinions of others, and work together to reach common goals.  ORES staff will work in learning communities to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.