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    Accidents - Student
    • Accompany student to the clinic for first aid if another employee is present.  If not, call the office for help or send with another student for assistance.  Always send a student with a clinic pass. 
    • Parent should be notified immediately of a serious injury, especially to the head. The administration needs to be notified. When in question, ask parent to come to school to determine if student needs further attention.  Please confirm with Ms. Jenkins who will be calling parent (Administrator and Health Assistant)
    • The teacher is to complete a Student Accident Report and turn it in to Ms. Jenkins on the same day of incident if deemed necessary.
    • Notify administration of all accidents that are serious and may result in complications.

    Emergency First Aid and CPR information is posted in the teacher workroom, clinic, lunchroom, media center and office.

    Attendance/Tardy/Leaving Early

    • Teachers are legally responsible for keeping daily student attendance using Pinpoint.
    • The teacher should take student attendance by 9:00 AM. 
    • Students arriving after the tardy bell should be sent to get a tardy pass from the office. K-3 will need an escort.
    • The Attendance Manager, Mrs. Adams, will mark all students who are tardy or leave early accordingly – excused or unexcused.
    • When a student is absent more than 3 consecutive days and no contact has been made to the school, notify the administration.    Teachers are to follow the LCS attendance policy.  Please be sure you are familiar with this policy.
    • Attendance notes should be given to Mrs.  Adams, attendance manager, so she can mark absences accordingly.   
    • When the LCS attendance policy has been violated, a Compulsory School Attendance Packet, CSAP, will be started. 
      • It is the teacher’s responsibility to initiate the CSAP.  Initiating the CSAP starts with a student attendance tracking form.
      • When a student has accumulated five (5) unexcused absences in a calendar month or ten in a ninety-day period, a CSAP packet must be initiated.
      • A copy of the CSAP documents can be found in the FORMS section of the teacher handbook and also on the LCS Website.
    • Attendance letters will be sent home monthly with students who have excessive tardies/absences per LCS policy. Ms. Stevens will generate the letters and copies will be kept.

    Excused absences are for sickness, medical appointments and educational trips with administrator pre-approval.

    Beginning of Year Forms

    Teachers are to monitor the collection of forms from parents (i.e. photo release, clinic cards, internet usage agreement, and handbook receipt, compact).  If forms are designated to be turned in to the office, please collect them as a class and keep a record that you have received them before sending to the office.  Continue to request forms from students and monitor until all are turned in.


    • Teachers are responsible for inventory of all books/materials assigned to them.  A Textbook Inventory and Checklist is submitted prior to the end of the school year.
    • Students/parents should be made aware that lost or damaged books must be paid for.