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    Personal Leave
    • Six (6) of your ten (10) days of leave can be for personal reasons.
    • You must request to use these days from an administrator at least two (2) working days prior to the day the leave begins.
    • Unused personal days are not carried over to the next school year.  Your unused days are carried over as sick days only.
    • The decision to split a class or use an aide to cover a class is an administrative decision.

    Sick Leave

    • Teachers earn ten (10) days of leave per year.  Four (4) days are given up front at the end of August (29 hours for full-time teachers). One day is earned September through January, for a total of ten (10) days for the school year.
    • Sick days are taken for doctor appointments, illnesses for yourself or for anyone in your family, and funerals for family members not covered under bereavement leave. 

    Sick Leave Bank

    Full time employees may pool sick leave days if:

    • Full time employee for at least one complete year
    • Have accrued at least eleven (11) days of unused sick leave (may not use the four (4) days given up front)

    If interested in joining, employee must:

    • Complete a Membership Application and Leave Request form
    • Submit to an administrator by September 1st, for September enrollment or February 1st, for February enrollment

    Temporary Duty

    • Must have prior approval and Leave Request form signed by an administrator
    • Attach a note if sub is coming from a source other than general school funds

    Leaving School During the School Day

    • Employees are permitted to leave campus during their non-duty times provided they have administrative approval and sign-out and in. 

    Workman’s Compensation

    When injured in the line of duty:

    • Let an administrator know so they can assist in following LCS procedures for injured in line of duty.
    • Administration and/or Vicki will call Risk Management.
    • Complete a claim form at Risk Management.
    • Submit a physician’s statement as to how long you will be out.  (Failure to do this will result in the time being without pay.)
    • Copy all forms, receipts, and/or documents given to you while receiving care for the injury to Natalie. 


    Teachers are to sign into AESOP and complete the process for obtaining a substitute as soon as they know they are going to be absent.  In addition, they are to call Mrs.Young before 9:00 p.m. the night before or no later than 6:30 a.m. the morning of the absence.  If you know you are going to be out the next day complete the AESOP process and notify the office.  Administrative approvals will be made through AESOP, but should be entered a minimum of two days prior to not being in attendance.  Leave Slips must be completed as well as entering your absence on AESOP.  Leave slips should be completed prior to leave that is planned and the day of your return if the leave was not planned.  If leave slips are not completed there is a possibility of leave without pay.