Welcome "Eagles" to the Media Center

  • Your Media Center support team for the 2020-2021 school year, Ms. Jones and Mr. LaJeunesse "Mr. LJ", proudly welcomes members of the Oak Ridge community - students, faculty, staff, parents, mentors, volunteers, et al - to the Media Center at Oak Ridge Elementary. We hope everyone enjoys an enticing and encouraging atmosphere to help advance our SOARing Eagle community.

  • Borrowing Books

    Students are allowed to borrow up to the specified number of books from the Oak Ridge Media Center based on their grade level.

    • Kindergarten or 1st grade - 1 book
    • 2nd grade - 2 books
    • 3rd grade - 3 books
    • 4th grade - 4 books
    • 5th grade - 5 books

    Students may keep borrowed books for the following loan periods:

    • 7 days for each Early Reader or Fiction book
    • 14 days for each Non-Fiction book

    Students with books kept past their due date will not be permitted to borrow additional items

    Returning Books 

    Students are expected to return a borrowed book to our Media Center as soon as they finish reading it. That way other students will be able to borrow it.

    Students are responsible to care for their borrowed books. If a book is damaged or lost, the student may be asked to pay the cost to repair or replace it and will not be permitted to borrow additional items.

Oak Ridge 50th Anniversary

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