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    Lesson Plans

    Good teaching requires proper preparation and planning.  Teams should plan together and each teacher is responsible for teaching the Florida Standards.  Administration will review plans on planbook.com. Lesson plans should be completed weekly no later than Sunday evening prior to the week of instruction.  Each teacher is responsible for having a complete set of plans on planbook.com.  If there is a problem with planbook.com you may contact them for support.

    EMERGENCY PLANS (THREE {3} DAYS) SHOULD BE KEPT WITH THE FRONT OFFICE.  These are due to the front office secretary by August 28, 2015.

    Long Range Plans

    Teachers are expected to follow the district pacing guide.


    Enter dining area at the time designated on the lunchroom schedule.  The period is twenty five (25) minutes including time to enter and time for teachers to direct student clean up and to exit.  Timing is critical for entering and exiting to ensure lunchtime is successful.  Teachers must pick up students on time. The behavior plan will be announced by administration and should be supported and encouraged by teachers.  Copies will be posted in the dining area and in classrooms.

    Maintenance /Repairs/Technology Requests

    Teachers are to complete In-House Work Orders and submit to the Building Maintenance Supervisor.  Include FISH number posted outside of your classroom door, numbers on all work orders.  Technology requests should be placed in the Tech Con’s mailbox or e-mailed.

    Media Permission Slips

    Please check with the administration before talking with the press or before you agree to have your class photographed.  No student names may be released without written permission from the parent.  If you have been given permission for the filming of your class, all Student Registration Forms must be checked for parent permission.  If a child’s parent checked “No”, please send that child to another class during the filming.  (Do this in a way that will protect the feelings of the child.)

    Mid-Term Progress Alerts

    All students will receive a progress alert. Parents have to be made aware of their child’s progress. Progress Alerts should be printed from Pinpoint.

    All ESE students will receive a mid-term report (ESE Mid-Term Progress Report) or the ESE teacher will make arrangements to add the ESE comment to the regular education Mid-Term Progress Report for the students that he/she serves.

    Notes from Parents

    It is highly suggested that teachers keep a file of all significant notes/communication that a parent sends to you.  If a date is not included, be sure to add it.  Kindergarten through fifth graders should use the agenda book for parent communication when possible.  A Daily Progress Report may also be used. 

    If the note is in reference to a student being absent the note should be sent to Mrs. Adams, attendance manager, who will change the attendance code accordingly.  The absence will be changed from excused or unexcused according to LCS attendance policy.

    Opening Exercises

    All classes are expected to participate in the daily opening exercises. WOAK news will begin shortly after the tardy bell rings. All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Celebrations program by “catching” students following school-wide expectations and rewarding them with Dojo Points