• Action Research Projects-Spring 2020

    Posted by Kimberly Perez on 5/4/2020

    Our 4th and 5th grade Bobcats show incredible curiosity of the world around them.  This spring they chose various topics of interest to research and became SO intrigued they all followed through with action to create positive change to make the world them and make it a better place!  We are so proud of our future leaders.

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By Month

  • Coronavirus Image cdc.gov   Our students are curious problem solvers, eager to learn and take action to make positive changes in our world.  Many of our Buck Lake Bobcats wanted to learn more about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus of 2019) that created a pandemic around the world. 

      Rakesh, a Buck Lake 5th grader, researched the importance of hygiene to share with his peers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

      Ensuring healthcare workers have proper protective gear (both parents work in healthcare) was an interest 5th grader Jacob researched.  He used the engineering design process to research, create, test, improve (and repeat) to create safe masks for local healthcare workers.  His work inspired an entire team to help him make over 3,000 masks for local healthcare workers!  Our local Tallahassee Democrat newspaper interviewed him to learn more about is project.  (Here is a pdf of the article.)

    Focusing on kids was Logan's area of interest during this pandemic.  Logan researched information on what children need to know and created a power point to share with others.

    Elora expressed great interest in learning all the details in how kids should properly wash their hands during the pandemic.  After her research, Elora created a presentation to share with family and friends to help make positive change.

    Learning more about the different aspects of the contagious virus, Claire researched to better understand the virus and shared her information to help others.

    Creating a poster with a catchy phrase is how Chance chose to share the research he learned about the Coronavirus.

    Researching thorough handwashing techniques was important to Lexi, who created a presentation to ensure everyone washes hands properly so we can all stay safe.

    Creating a vegetable garden was action Arlington created after researching the effects of coronavirus and learning about food shortages.


    April 22, 2020 celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Our Earth-loving Bobcats wanted to learn more about various topics of personal interest through independent research.  Then they each chose how they could make a positive difference to help the Earth.

    Cooper wanted to learn more about Earth Day and how families could help.  After his research, Cooper created a movie and a quiz.

    In 4th grade, Xavier was very interested in learning more about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  After his research, he created his own plan to solve the problem.

    Will, a 4th grader, researched and shared the history of Earth Day, major negative impacts on the Earth by humans...and pay attention because there is a quiz!

    Reducing the number of paper towels used is the focus of Hendrix's Earth Day research.  He took action by polling family and friends to learn their habits and then creating a presentation to share with them to help create a positive change for our Earth.