According to the dictionary, a 'bridge' is a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.
    As we journey around the world, students will
    • learn and record notes about different types of bridges and bridge design. 
    • read a fictional book including a bridge and read a nonfiction book on bridges
    • design a scavenger hunt on bridges
    • create a 'Jeopardy' type game on bridges with classmates
    • choose real bridges to research (including the history) and present information to others
    • create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast bridges researched
    • create an original product about bridges demonstrating his/her area of strength
    • plan, sketch, build a bridge with a partner that a toy car can travel across
    • build a paper bridge that is 10x stronger than the pretest bridge
    Complete this WebQuest, recording written notes and pictures in your journal.  Once you have become a bridge expert and complete the WebQuest, you can begin building your bridge type(s). 
    BrainPop 'Bridges    - Record notes and draw pictures for each bridge type and the four vocabulary words.  Take the 'graded' quiz and record your score.
    Civil Engineers - Record what civil engineers do.  Then click 'Find out more' in the bottom right corner.  Read the description and record in your journal 'why you might want to become a civil engineer' or 'why you might not want to become a civil engineer.'  Think about what parts of the job look interesting to you.
    Travel the World to learn about bridges.  Choose 2-3 bridges that are interesting to you.  Record sketches of the bridges and written notes.