Policies and Procedures

     Classroom Expectations:


    Required Materials: It is imperative that students come to class prepared to learn each day. They should have: binder, dividers, pencils, blue/black/red pens, notebook paper and multiple colored highlighters.


    Grading and Evaluation:

    Classwork/Homework 30%                           Assessments & Projects 70%


    Grading Scale:

    A+ to A- = 100% - 90%     B+ to B- = 89% – 80%        C+ to C- = 79% – 70%         

    D+ to D- = 69% - 60%       F = Below 60%


    Make-up/Late Work Policy:  Make-up work is due within three days after an absence.  Late classwork and homework may be submitted within two (2) days for half credit, after that no points will be given.  Projects will be deducted 25% each day.  Tests may be retaken if the grade is unsatisfactory (D or F).  However, the new grade will not be higher than 70%.  THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.  For long-term assignments, being absent on the day(s) before the assignment is due DOES NOT extend your due date.  It is still due on the date originally assigned.  (Example:  If a book report is assigned on August 16 to be assessed on September 24, and you are absent on September 23, then your assessment will still be given on September 24.)


    Plagiarism Policy: All work that you turn in must be your own. Please do not give information to another student to copy or use another student’s work to complete your own assignments. There may be times that I assign a group project and information will be shared, but I make those exceptions clear. Plagiarism will result in a zero for all parties involved and parent notification. Multiple occurrences will result in disciplinary action.




    Class Procedures


    What do I do when I enter the classroom?

    *See “cell phone” policy.  Check the board for Bell Ringer instructions. Sharpen pencils if necessary.  Be seated and ready for class when the bell rings.  Teachers are on hall duty while at their doors.  Please ask questions once I am in the classroom and instructions have been given.


    Where do I find my assignments?

    The Daily Agenda will display the assignments for the day and homework is posted and labeled by period on the designated board. As you enter, the Bell Ringer assignment will be on the board.

    The class website will house weekly assignments, important dates, and some of the handouts. 


    How do I head my paper?

    Name, date, and class period should be in the top right hand corner with the assignment title centered on the first line of the paper.


    Where do I turn in assignments?

    The teacher will instruct you to pass papers forward or to turn in to the class bin labeled with the corresponding period. If you come in late, be sure to place assignments in the bin for credit.


    What do I do if I need to use the restroom?

    Go during the exchange of classes.  In an emergency you may ask to go during class.  However, try not to interrupt instruction or whole group reading.


    What do I do if I am absent?

    Check the teacher website for assignments. Any papers given out while you were absent will be available in the Absent bin. Check there upon your return. You will have three days to make-up the missed assignment.  Make an appointment to take missed assessments before school ONLY.  (You may not miss another day of class to make up assignments you missed.)  YOU MUST REQUEST A PASS FOR ENTRY INTO THE HALLWAY THE DAY BEFORE (not the morning of).


    What is expected of me during class?

    A positive work ethic is expected of all students and myself. Any activities that distract from learning are not acceptable and will not be permitted.

    • Cell phone usage - see attached.
    • You may NOT have any food in class and drinks MUST be in approved containers to be stored in backpacks.  If gum chewing becomes an issue you will be asked to dispose of it.


    What kind of homework will I have?

    20-30 minutes of nightly reading, any unfinished classwork, and vocabulary studying & worksheet.


    What should I do if I do not understand something for homework?

    Be sure to listen carefully during the instructions and ask clarifying questions then. If you have questions/problems and you are at home, ask a parent or friend. You may email me your specific question.  If I do not answer the email that evening, come see me in the morning.


    What if my computer is down or I couldn’t access the on-line textbook or type/print an assignment?

    The first step is to not wait until the night before it is due, but those things happen. Go to the library as soon as you arrive on campus and use the computers there to complete the assignment.  There are NO student printers in the classroom.  Assignments should be printed prior to entering the classroom.    NO external drives (school policy).