National Honor Society

Club Overview

  • Lincoln High School
    National Honor Society

    Lincoln High School’s National Honor Society is a chapter of a prestigious national organization based on the four pillars of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. 


    Students are invited to join NHS at Lincoln twice a year – in the fall and spring. In each case, students are invited based on their GPAs. In order to be considered for membership, a student must have maintained a cumulative and weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher for the most recent three semesters of high school. Because we consider three semesters of work, students only become eligible in the spring of their sophomore year. Once we issue invitations based on a report of students who meet the GPA requirements, interested students must submit an application complete with cover letter, academic resume, and the signed NHS pledge. After reviewing applications, the sponsors solicit input from faculty and staff regarding the applicants. Because character and scholarship are two of the four important pillars, we take very seriously any instances of academic dishonesty. Therefore, students who have plagiarized work are not asked to join. Furthermore, if a member of National Honor Society plagiarizes or gives work to another student, he or she will be asked to leave the organization. Assuming a student passes the faculty review, he or she is inducted into National Honor Society

    Maintaining Membership

    In order to remain a member of National Honor Society in good standing, members must pay yearly dues of $20. However, financial hardship will never prevent a student from being welcomed into the club. Members also are expected to earn service points – 14 a semester. Points are awarded for attending meetings and participating in our many service projects in the school and community. If a member fails to earn enough service points in a given semester, he or she is put on probation and expected to earn a certain number of points in the next two months. If he or she fails to do so, the student forfeits membership.

    Service Projects

    Lincoln NHS participates in many projects at school and in the community. Some are created by members themselves, such as our tutoring and recycling programs at Lincoln, while others are existing projects that our members choose to take part in, such as AIDS Walk, Heart Walk, and Relay for Life.



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