In whatever format students return for the 2020-2021 school year Lincoln Guitar will meet the challenge

    All students return to school

    • Class will continue with social distancing guidelines in place for classroom seating and instruction.
    • Guitar has two large rooms.  Guitar will be able to comply with district social distancing mandates. 
    • Students are allowed to bring their own instruments, however I will be doing my best to see that each student has their own personal rental guitar that is not being shared throughout the day.  

    Modified schedule where students learning at school and/or at home

    • Video Lessons taught by me will be available through this website. Because I will be the video instructor this will allow me to tailor and directly relate the material to each individual class.  The files can be downloaded for repeated viewing.
    • Online one to one tutoring of guitar skills and explanation of worksheets.  There will be video office hours and chat room explanation of worksheets.
    • Rental procedures for students without instruments at home will be set in place at the beginning of the year.  

    If you have any questions plese feel free to email me at : roblese@leonschools.net


    Welcome to Lincoln Guitar



    It is my privilege to teach your children the guitar.   First and foremost is that your kids learn to have a lifelong appreciation and love of music.    I make a guarantee that if your child applies themselves and asks for help when appropriate they will be able to play along with the music they enjoy by the end of the school year.   


     Students may bring their own acostic guitar if they wish.  An acoustic can be rented if they do not wish to bring it to and from school or do not want to leave it here.




    There is an amplifier, electric guitar and headphones for all guitar students.


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    Guitar I is eligible to ANY student whether they have no music instruction or come from a background of band, chorus, orchestra or other music study.    There is a wide demographic of student in this class from freshmen looking to take guitar for four years to seniors who at the last moment decided that they'd like to learn an instrument.  Everyone is welcome.  Music notation, a large repertoire of chords along with the ability to fingerpick is learned.    Recitals consist of the class playing songs as a whole in addition to small groups of three performing.    


    GUITAR II (Successful completion of Guitar I or by audition.  My signature  on course request form required)

    Guitar II is for those students who have learned the rudiments of note reading, chord playing and would like to learn the areas of the guitar labeled "there be dragons here!"

    In Guitar II we learn the entire fretboard reading notation through several scale shapes.  Jazz and Blues Repertoire along with written out solos are taught.  Throughout the year less reliant on note reading is the  rock/blues improvisation course.   Here shapes and memory of  patterns are more important with our final concert in May consisting of students creating their own music and solos both from notation and improvising spur of the moment.


    GUITAR III/IV (Successful completion of Guitar II or by audition.  My signature  on course request form required)

    Guitar III and IV contain those students who have learned the criteria for Guitar II (note reading in all positions of the fretboard, music theory, scale patterns,  improvisatory patterns) and are ready to make music.   We are both curators of music(classical ensembles/solos) and creators(jazz/blues/rock) in this class.   


    My background is classical guitar performance, however  I am not a classical snob.  I was in a metal band that toured Texas in my teenage years and have always had a love for jazz and blues.  Those students looking to go on to college as a classical guitar major will have all my experience and effort devoted to them.  If your child is looking to become a session musician, they will know exactly what is expected of them when they walk into a studio having never heard or seen a song they are expected to contribute their talents.  


    I look forward to meeting you and your future musicians.


                                                                                                                                       Dr. Eric Robles








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