Mu Alpha Theta

Club Overview

  • Lincoln Mu Alpha Theta is an honor society for math students.  We meet every day  to help students strengthen and expand their math skills not only in their core math class but in Mu Alpha Theta, Math League, AMC, SAT, etc.  Lincoln currently offers an honors math class for Mu Alpha Theta kids to specifically enhance their own math skills.  Each year we have roughly ten math competitions we attend, culminating in our trip to the National Convention in Las Vegas this year where we hope to improve on our 11th place overall finish and defend our first place in calculus team award from last year.  Please contact Randal Stowers (1604) or Rachael Cross (1621)  for information.  Lincoln has over 10 national champions since 2003 and has won national calculus awards in 2006 and 2018!

Ms Cross and Mr Stowers


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