• Our Vision

    The educational setting at Lincoln High School fosters flexible, comprehensive, and challenging academic and extra-curricular programs which maximize each student's potential. Lincoln graduates will be productive, contributing members of society who have a strong sense of personal responsibility, a sense of national citizenship, a life-long love of learning, and a respect for the diverse contributions of all.

    Our Beliefs are

    · to recruit and retain enthusiastic, highly-qualified faculty and staff members who are dedicated to creating an environment where all students can learn and are valued.

    · to provide the highest quality academic instruction possible.

    · to create a well-balanced learning community that encourages students to utilize critical thinking skills in problem solving and to develop time management skills to accomplish goals.

    · to model and encourage, for students, a love of life-long learning, a sense of personal responsibility, and a respect for each other.

    · to ensure that every student graduating from Lincoln has been given the opportunity to explore career and educational options and has been given guidance in making his/her post secondary decisions.

    · to prepare students to become proactive, productive citizens willing to improve their society as a whole.

    · to encourage students to become citizens by volunteering in the community. Participation in this endeavor will allow them to develop leadership skills, an appreciation for all segments of society, and a knowledge that they can make a contribution to the well-being of the community at large.