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  • Welcome to Lincoln Guidance! Our counselors work closely with all of our students to verify they have a complete and meaningful high school experience that helps them meet their long-term goals. Our counselors are available to discuss any questions or concerns our students may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, go Trojans!



    As we embrace our new way of work we are unable to make an in-person SENIOR PRESENTATION. We are instead, providing a LINK for you to view what we hope is helpful information. If you should have questions or would need assistance after viewing please do not hesitate to contact your counselor.

    Click here for more information:
    2020-2021 Senior Calendar
    2020-2021 Senior Parent Information

    It’s TIME to submit your Bright Futures Application! The application opened October 1st; please view our PowerPoint presentation for instruction to complete/submit your application.



    Please preview the Freshman Presentation LINK for what we hope is helpful information. If you should have questions or would need assistance after viewing please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jones, the freshman guidance counselor.

Bright Futures Scholarship Update


    Update regarding Bright Futures Scholarship for graduated class of 2020:

    FLDOE recently released an emergency order regarding Bright Futures.  This order includes changes to service hour acceptance and submission as well as a deadline change to earn a qualifying test score for the class of 2020.

    1.  The Deadline to earn a qualifying test score (on SAT or ACT for Florida Academic and Florida Medallion awards or PERT for Gold Seal awards) has been extended from June 30, 2020 to July 31, 2020.   
    2.  Any remaining service hours not able to be completed from March 13, 2020 through the graduation date due to COVID19 may be accepted provided there is documentation the student had planned to complete the hours, but was unable to due to COVID19.  All hours must be submitted by July 31, 2020.  The student must include a description of the volunteer services and total of hours they had planned to complete between March 13th – graduation.   This must be documented on the Leon County Schools Volunteer Service hour forms and signed by a parent to verify.  An email from a parent will suffice for a signature.  Forms must be submitted to the student’s high school. Emails should be sent to with the subject line, Bright Futures Volunteer Hours.

    Remember that earning a Bright Futures award requires minimum GPA, specific curriculum, test score (SAT or ACT or PERT for Gold Seal), specific minimum number of service hours and application.  The recent emergency order did not make changes in qualifying scores or GPA.  For more information on how to qualify please view the Bright Futures home page:

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