• 2023-2024 Parking

    Parking Decal Pick Up - If you have already turned in your parking application and supporting documents, you can pick up your parking decal from Student Affairs between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM on the following days.

    • Tuesday, August 1
    • Thursday, August 3
    • Monday, August 7
    • Tuesday, August 8

    If you have not already turned in your Parking Applications for the 2023-2024 school year you can turn it in with the supporting documents on those days as well.  

    ALL paper work and payment must be included with your application - WE WILL NOT be able to make copies for you.

    Please note: You WILL NOT be issued a parking permit if you owe fees or lost text books.  Parking applications can be turned in to Student Affairs.

    Documents Required:

    1. Parking Application
    2. Copy of Drivers' License
    3. Copy of Current Insurance Card
    4. Copy of Tag Registration
    5. Payment (check, money order, or exact cash only) 

    LHS Parking Rules and Regulations

    1. Students shall not:

      • Be in the parking lot except when coming to or leaving campus. That is, do not use your car as a locker, do not socialize before or after school in the parking lot, and do not eat lunch in the parking lot.

      • A) Drive/park in a hazardous manner, B) Litter, C) Use tobacco products, alcohol, or other drugs.

      • Transport others off campus illegally (students skipping or students not allowed off-campus).

        1. Students MUST be classified as a Junior or Senior in order to go off campus at lunch.

      • Misuse the parking permit and/or privilege. Permits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Permits may not be used by someone other than you, even if you have knowledge of the other person using your space.  Your permit must be on your car, which must be parked in your numbered spot. Your permit number must match your numbered parking space or the car is subject to being booted. It is a $20 fine to remove the boot!

      • Ride in the back of a pickup truck outside the vehicle or transport other students in the back.

    2. There is a five dollar ($5) fee for replacing your permit.

    3. Permits MUST be VISIBLY displayed on the LOWER LEFT corner of the driver’s side front windshield. 

    4. Cars are subject to a search by school personnel based on reasonable suspicion. Failure to comply will result in loss of parking privileges and out of school suspension.

    5. All Florida laws comply on campus.