Monday 4/27 Update

Posted by Anthony DelMonego on 4/27/2020

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was enjoyable.


I think it’s safe to say that this distance learning experience has been an up and down one for all of us. Teachers and students alike have all been doing their best to stay on top of everything, but we also know that it can be difficult.


While looking through Teams and FOCUS, I have noticed a trend –fewer students are turning in work than normal. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I am by no means upset about this! I understand that our new way of work has made things like motivation and confidence hard to find. It has also increased anxiety for everyone. 


I have assigned enough content for the time being to feel that I can take a step back for the next few days to allow you all space to breathe and not feel like you are overwhelmed by assignments and deadlines. So, for that reason I have chosen to extend the deadlines for ALL assignments until this Wednesday. I know that my class is not the only one that you are navigating, and I didn’t want to continue loading up the assignments while you find it tough to juggle your remaining workload.


Consider today and tomorrow make-up days. Finish what you can and do your best to turn it in to me. We will still have our Tuesday discussion group in order for me to answer questions and help with whatever I can.


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