• History of SAIL

    In 1975 SAIL was founded as the School for Applied Individualized Learning, in the belief that all students can learn and succeed when provided a learning environment that meets their needs and interests. SAIL emphasizes individualization, democratic decision making, and application of academics in a humanistic atmosphere. SAIL was the first public alternative school in Florida to be fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. SAIL was recognized as one of the top 20 alternative schools in the nation by Phi Delta Kappa. The SACS Accreditation team wrote, "At SAIL, there seems to be a cement of cooperation, respect, purpose and dedication to the common mission ... it's an outstanding model that should be emulated throughout the state".
    Students must meet the same credit and grading requirements as other Leon County students. However, the approach is an ever evolving dynamic one that capitalizes on the talents and interests of a diverse staff and student body.
    Academics and Electives
    Accredited since 1982, SAIL offers a wide variety of high quality academic opportunities to meet graduation requirements including honors courses, externships and dual enrollment with Lively, TCC, FSU and FAMU.  Approximately 40% of graduates qualify for Bright Futures Scholarships.
    The elective program has a special concentration on the creative arts including: Juggling, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Fiber Arts, AP Art, Digital Photography, Darkroom Photography, Drama, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Electronic Music, Web Design, and Journalism. SAIL also offers an intensive Spanish program, a PE program that ranges from weightlifting to Yoga, and a DCT program for students who work after school to earn extra credits. Students can also catch up on credits in our performance-based computer lab.
    SAIL’s alternating block schedule allows students to take 6 classes, while concentrating on just 3 classes per day. This provides more time for discussion, project-based learning and teacher-student interaction. 
    Current Offerings
    • Visual, Performing & Communication Arts
    • STEAM Across the Curriculum
    • College Prep & Career Pathways
    • Non-Traditional Learning Opportunities
    • Unique Electives
    • Smaller School, Block Schedule, Caring and Supportive Environment
Last Modified on November 22, 2022