• March 4-8, 2024 




    ___ Period Introduction - Slide Show, Digital Packet, Scholarship Info  

    Each year, we have set aside a week in the spring for all students to participate in experiential learning activities outside of the regular classroom structure. The bonding experiences, new horizons, and teamwork that come from these experiences are some of our graduates' fondest SAIL memories. This first step will include a description of intensive experiences, timelines, and associated costs. Please review these opportunities with your families to select the experience that works best for you.  


    MONDAY AUGUST 21, 2023 

    Intensive packets will be handed out. Go over the descriptions and discuss options with your parents. You will soon be asked to rank your top 4 choices. Make sure your adult(s) agree with your choices! 


    FRIDAY AUGUST 25, 2023 

    Round Robin – two 10-minute information sessions (following reading symposium). 

    Go meet the sponsors and learn more about the intensives that interest you the most. 

    At a later time, if you are interested in other intensives, feel free to contact their sponsors. 



    Complete the online form located on the SAIL website AND check the Canvas announcement identifying your top four choices. It is important that your choices are both interesting to you and realistic financially. You must select a minimum of 1 in-town intensive, regardless of grade level! 

    If you are applying for the John Nolan Scholarship, you must submit your application to the front office during this window also. 



    Selection process--Your intensive selections will be reviewed by sponsoring teachers who will post a list of students invited to join. Consideration will be given to a student’s grade level, behavior, grades, and attendance. Seniors and juniors may be given preference, but grade level is ONLY ONE of the factors considered. Ninth graders, new students, and students not currently in high academic/behavior standing are less likely to be accepted into out-of-town travel intensives. If this is you and you are passionate about your intensive selection, please reach out to the sponsors. 


    RegistrationAs lists are posted, students who have been invited to join must see the intensive sponsor to get the required permission/deposit forms. (Time and date for this activity will be announced.) A PERMISSION FORM WITH DEPOSIT must be returned to the office to secure your place on the Intensive. No one is officially on an intensive until FULLY COMPLETED forms and deposits have been received. 


    Follow Up - After initial lists are posted, students will have additional opportunities to fill open spaces, and some new intensives may form. Don’t get discouraged if you do not get what you want in the first round! Placing everyone is a complex and on-going process, so please bear with us. Our goal is for every student to have a rewarding experience.