• The PTSO is all of us!

    It takes all of us to provide a quality learning environment for our children. As a parent, the best way to help is to:

    • Volunteer for an activity (there are LOTS to choose from!)
    • Become a Partner through your office or personal business,
    • Join our Mentor program to share your knowledge and compassion with a student in need,
    • Support our Teachers by sending in food for meetings or supplies for the classroom,
    • Attend activities like concerts, plays, and sports events,
    • Attend PTSO meetings, Sign up for Listserv, or check out our
    • Sail PTSO Facebook Page to stay informed of activities and events
    • Support the Non-Fundraiser Fundraiser! (It keeps us from having to sell items and goes directly to helping our kids!) or just click the PayPal Donate Button above !!!