• SAIL's Advanced Placement Studio Art program is a rigorous and dynamic exploration of personal portfolio development. Students enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to study in a teacher-led, open studio environment that focuses on technique development in your chosen medium, building a series, cooperative learning, concept exploration and art exhibition preparation. Each student will develop a personal focus, but the program is not material-specific and students are expected to experiment with mediums outside of their comfort zone. Students will develop skills in evaluating work through group critiques and personal critical analysis. Each student is given the opportunity to select a portfolio focus from 2D Design (including photography), 3D Design and Drawing which will be eligible for submission to the College Board to receive college credit. There is a strong writing component for this program and students are expected to produce a complete body of work by May. The class is open to all eligible Juniors and Seniors. Sophomores are accepted with prior successful high school art classes taken at SAIL along with teacher recommendations. 

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