Posted by Anthony DelMonego on 4/12/2020

  • UPDATE 1: For all English 3 and English 4 students, your distance learning packets may be submitted directly onto FOCUS. If you have completed the packets by hand, simply scan the documents (Adobe Scan is a free app that is simple to use) and upload them onto the assignment in FOCUS. You may also email them with the title "Week 1 Packet - (your name)" so that I can easily find your work. For my SAT & ACT Prep students, hang tight and we will get you back into a rhythm as soon as possible. Be prepared for plenty of Khan Academy.
  • An important note about the packets - DON'T STRESS! These packets are not designed to be grade-breaking work. Do your best in the meantime and continue to stay safe. 


  • UPDATE 2: I have added an easy Contact Me assignment for all classes, with the only requirement being that you, well, contact me! I sent out a Remind update asking for students to respond so I know whether or not they are receiving Remind updates. Those of you who have responded, your grade should reflect that. If you received it and did not respond - DO IT PLEASE! If you did not receive it, respond with an email stating an email or phone number so I can reach you on Remind. It is incredibly important that I am able to reach you on a consistent basis.
  • For any parents or guardians who are interested in receiving Remind messages, please email me with either a phone number or email that works best for you. 


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