• Intensive Descriptions 2021-2022

    1. Music Ensemble Maximum
    Sponsors: Danny Wood & Peejay Perez de Alejo (Music Rm 1401)
    Current music ensemble students will rehearse, record, and perform new music with a big show at the end of the week- in collaboration with Puppet the Jams! Munch on pizza and tacos. There may be guest speakers and guest artists.

    (Approximate Cost- $20.00) Total Students: 16 current ensemble students

    2. DIY - Oh the things YOU can do! Sponsor: Stacey Turknett (Office)
    On your own to VOLUNTEER or JOB SHADOW. YOU make a plan. YOU make the contacts. YOU make it happen. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! All plans must be approved by Stacey in advance.

    (Cost: Free) Total Students: Unlimited

    3. Enrichment
    Sponsors: Marcia Cone & Sierra's Sub (Marcia's Rm 204)
    Need time to get caught up on your work? Then this is the intensive for you! Spend a week getting caught up on all your homework, FLVS, and PLATO classes.
    (Cost: Free) Total Students: 40

    4. Peaks & Creeks
    Sponsors: Doug Currey and Caitlin Starkey (Doug's Room 506)
    You might not know the difference between a bald, a booger, and a branch, but after going on this intensive you will! Soak in the Appalachian culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains on this sixday journey. On the way, we'll visit Plains, GA, the simple childhood home of peanut farmer turned President Jimmy Carter. After crossing the crest of the "Balsams", we'll lodge in a fancified log cabin on the slopes of Maggie Valley, NC. Our band of travelers will listen to stories and hear and even play hillbilly music with a couple old-timers in Pittman Center, TN. In progressive Asheville, NC, we'll take in the arts, crafts, and cuisine of the region. In addition, we'll tour America's largest home, Biltmore House, built by robber baron George Vanderbilt. All the while, by van and by foot, we'll take in the stunning scenery, the peaks and creeks of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains!
    (Approximate Cost: $700) Total Students: 10

    5. Universal Entanglement
    Sponsor: Michael Wohlgemuth (Computer Lab 3)
    Want to hang out with Michael this week to learn about our place in the universe? Read articles, watch movies (Contact, Interstellar, The Matrix, Flight ofthe Navigator, Back to the Future, etc.), and discuss scientific and fictional studies that deal with our universe's engineering and our location in it. Create an art project to help process what you learn. Don't worry, we will have more questions than answers when we are done.
    (Cost: Free) Total Students: 20

    6. Dungeon and Dragons
    Sponsor: Chris Weider (Chris' Rm 1104)
    Dungeons and Dragons! Live and in person, with multiple campaigns... The game is set in a medieval fantasy world in which multiple players form a group that is led through an adventure by one player, the Dungeon Master, who makes up story events or chooses adventures to which the players may respond in different manners to create a unique gaming experience.
    (Cost: Free) Total Students 24

    7. Apothecary Adventures!
    Sponsor: Susanna Denham and Rosa Cefalu (Susanna's Rm 903)
    Join me as we learn about and create health remedies from Mother Nature! We will make Lavender Eye Pillows, Essential Oil Blends, Crystal Water Bottles, Herbal Teas, Soups, &
    Smoothies. Meditation, Mantras, and Music will enhance our week as well.
    (Cost: Approximately $50) Total Students: 24

    8. Puppet The Jams
    Sponsors: Sheri Nilles and Jeff Distefano (Sheri's Rm 155)
    This intensive will create visual work for a multi-media performance together with the SAIL Music Ensemble! Puppetry and performance art will be our main focus, but, costuming, animations, set constructions, and eating pizza are all possibilities. This is an art intensive and will be a collaborative effort tailored to the group's creative ideas! We will be meeting several times throughout the year with the music intensive. It will culminate in a community performance at the end of the week!
    (Cost: $35) Total Students: 15

    9 Be Kind Community Service Intensive
    Sponsors: Nancy Floyd Richardson and Emily Bell (Media Center)
    Help our community and earn volunteer hours through the Be Kind Community Service
    Intensive. Each day, we will partner with local nonprofit agencies that serve our community. Guest speakers will be invited to teach about their programs, and we will complete projects to help them in their efforts. These could include arts and crafts projects, organizing materials, and reading children's books for City Walk Urban Mission, The Backpack Project, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Leon County Humane Society, and Kids Inc. of the Big Bend.
    Students will earn at least 30 hours of community service.
    (Cost: $25) Total Students: 40

    10. Life's Aquatic
    Sponsors: JaSun Burdick & Danielle Taylor (Danielle's Rm 1101)
    It's time to get your feet wet as we take day trips to explore the beautiful natural springs, rivers, lakes, sink holes, and oceans that Tallahassee (and its surrounding areas) have to offer. Come tubing on Mill Creek/Bear Paw, jump into icy cold sink holes, kayak on the Wacissa River, swim in the deep blue sea and relax lakeside. This intensive will have a big focus on wellness, as we will be getting a lot of exercise every day and we will all make a pledge to drink more water and cut out soda for the week we are together. In addition to helping yourself become well, we will also be helping the earth by picking up litter at all the watering holes we go to. This is a great time to earn some community service hours! Requirements: (1) must know how to swim; (2) water bottle; (3) bagged lunch; (4) bathing suit; (5) adventurous spirit & positive attitude.
    (Approximate cost $90.00) 12 students
    11. The World Is Your Oyster
    Sponsors: Quashier Flood & Tiffany Martin (Tiffany's Rm Comp Lab 6)
    Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? What exactly does "growing up look like?" Do you know your GPA or how it affects your Senior year? Are you interested in career exploration? Are you interested in going to college? Do you have enough volunteer hours to apply for scholarships? Do you feel healthy or happy? If you answered "I don't know" or "I would like to know" to any of these questions, then come and hang out with the School
    Counselor this week. We will work on Social/Emotional, Academic, and Career Development.
    (Cost: $25) Total Students: 20
    12. Camping/Exploring Ft. Desoto (St. Petersburg. FL
    Sponsor: Lao Alovus (Gym)
    Get ready for a fun-filled relaxing week at beautiful Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, FL. Fort Desoto's vibrant blue, crystal-clear beaches have received numerous awards and are often cited as the most beautiful in all of Florida. We'll setup camp for the week, spending our days fishing, playing disc golf and enjoying the natural beauty of central Florida. Intensive dues will cover van rental/gas, camping sites, fishing tackle/bait, food and discs. No disc golf or fishing experience necessary! Instruction will be provided. Dues cover ALL necessary expenses but students will need to bring their own fishing rod and tent (tents may be shared). Any remaining funds will be reimbursed.
    (Cost: $300) Total Students: 6
    13. Tabletop Tour
    Sponsor: Benny Brustad (Benny's Room 201)
    Interested in playing games (be they board, card, or somewhere in-between) and getting away from your pesky computer screen? We'll be highlighting funky fresh games that you've never heard of, with a theme and several new ones each day! If you have games you want to play, that's cool too! This will be a space for you to try new things, introduce others to the games you already love, and get to hang out with cool people (and Benny).
    (Cost: Free) Total Students: 20
    14. Geek squad
    Sponsors: Christian Shimansky and Blayne White (Blayne's Rm 205)
    Can't get enough of staring at a screen despite learning during a pandemic? Neither can we! In this intensive we'll be playing video games. We'll have a few tv's and students can bring their game consoles if they want. If you want to relax after a hectic year by playing video games with friends, then this is the intensive for you!

    (Cost: Free) Total Students: 30
    15. Journey to Middle Earth - A Hobbit and LOTR Film festival
    Sponsor: Tony DelMonego (Tony's Rm 620)
    One intensive to rule them all...Come and dive into the iconic fantasy world of JRR Tolkien as we spend the week following and discussing the stories of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and the Ring of Power while watching the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series! Enjoy immersing yourself in the world of halflings, dwarves, elves, and orcs all week!
    (Cost: Free) Total students: 28
    16. Bikes & Bees
    Sponsors: Marlow Matherne and Rob Pell (Marlow's Rm 619)
    If you're interested in staying/getting into shape, then come join us mountain biking in the morning at various trails every day (M-Th) and then play Ultimate Frisbee after lunch on the upper field. Students must have a multi-geared trail bike in excellent working order and bring their own lunch Monday-Thursday. Friday, we will hit a local buffet and play Ultimate Frisbee.
    (Cost: $40) Total students: 10
    17. Philosophia
    Sponsor: Luke Burchell (Caitlin's Rm 504)
    The word 'philosophy' comes from the Greek 'philosophia' that means 'the love of wisdom' and is the study of life's fundamental questions. Students will examine prevailing cultural ideas over the course of human history pertaining to existence, purpose, reason, morals, and more. We will take time to understand the methods that philosophers use when approaching these topics. Then, we will examine how Ancient Eastern/Western views, Medieval/Renaissance ideas, and Modern Philosophy each influenced their era in hopes of pulling back the curtain on our current views and assumptions. Students are encouraged to question what they think they know as we watch films, read excerpts, and engage with reflective prompts to understand this world and ourselves. This intensive might feel "academic", but don't you owe it to yourself to try something that will expand your understanding forever?
    (Cost: Free) Total students: 14