2023-24 Intensive Descriptions 

    March 4-8, 2024 


    1. 1. Chivalrous Chess 

    Sponsor: Roderick Wilkerson & Jake Garcia (Rod’s Math Rm )  

    Want to play chess all intensive week? Want to learn this war game, or just get a little better? We will play a lot of chess. I will teach you techniques to help your game. I will teach you some different chess games as well. There will also be a tournament and prizes will be awarded. Depending on your interest, we will purchase chess boards for those people who want one. We will buy snacks for the week as well. 

    Approximate Cost: $0 - $35 (depending on what we decide to purchase)  

    Total Students: 24  


    1. 2. Dungeon and Dragons 

    Sponsor: Chris Weider (Chris’ Rm 1104)  

    Dungeons & Dragons is a structured, yet open-ended role-playing game. It is normally played indoors with the participants seated around a tabletop. Typically, one player takes on the role of Dungeon Master (DM) while the others each control a single character, representing an individual in a fictional setting. 

    Approximate Cost: Free 

    Total Students: 24 


    1. 3. Veg Out  

                Sponsor: Lawrence Brown (Lawrence’s Rm 201) 

    We will be touring the Capital City in search of the perfect vegetarian lunch! We will have student input on where we go, and nail down the time we want to have lunch each day (for example: 11:30, 12:00, etc.). We will also be doing some cooking/food prep, at SAIL. This will be for our morning snack or could be served as breakfast for the students. Maybe non-fat plain yogurt, fruit, granola, and honey for the wild ones. We could also have bagels, organic peanut butter (we have honey), and cream cheese. I would also like to have organic juices, possibly Publix’s Simply Apple or Orange juice. I want this to be fun with the goal of learning how to eat healthily (sort of) and taste the wonderful options our city has to offer its vegetarian folk. We will also be listening to Canadian Indie Rock and reading poetry, just kidding, I’ll let the students pick the music. 

    Approximate Cost: $125 

    Total Students: 12  


    1. 4. Don’t Starve! 

    Sponsor: Emily (Spanish Room 126) 

    This is a call to everyone who eats- from wannabe-chefs to people who burn water.  Learn how to fend for yourself and ensure survival using the ancient art of cooking. This intensive will focus on developing core cooking skills and techniques while creating healthy meals and tasty treats. We will experience the whole process--from meal planning and budgeting, to shopping, and of course, cooking. We will be exploring a wide variety of foods and cooking styles, while learning about meal planning, modifying recipes, and food safety practices. And of course, we will be sitting down to several fine meals together. Bon appétit! 

    Approximate Cost: $20  

    Total Students: 16-20  


    1. 5. Be Kind Community Service Intensive   

    Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer Bartlett (Media Center)   

    Help our community and earn volunteer hours through the Be Kind Community Service Intensive. Each day we will partner with local nonprofit agencies that serve our community. Guest speakers will be invited to teach about their programs, and we will complete projects to help them in their efforts. These could include arts and crafts projects, organizing materials, and reading children’s books for City Walk Urban Mission, The Backpack Project, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Leon County Humane Society, and Kids Inc. of the Big Bend, or other organizations. Students will earn at least 30 hours of community service 

    Approximate Cost: $25 

    Total Students: 35 


    1. 6. Life’s Aquatic   

    Sponsors: Sierra Service, Allen Phillips, Danielle Taylor (Danielle’s Rm 1101) 

    It’s time to get your feet wet as we take day trips to explore the beautiful natural springs, rivers, lakes, sink holes, and oceans that Tallahassee (and its surrounding areas) have to offer.  Jump into icy cold sinkholes, kayak on the Wacissa River, swim in the deep blue sea and relax lakeside. This intensive will have a big focus on wellness, as we will be getting a lot of exercise every day and we will all make a pledge to drink more water and cut out soda for the week we are together.  In addition to helping yourself become well, we will also be helping the earth by picking up litter at all the watering holes we go to. This is a great time to earn some community service hours! Requirements: (1) must know how to swim; (2) water bottle; (3) bagged lunch; (4) bathing suit; (5) adventurous spirit & positive attitude.  

    Approximate cost $90.00)  

    Total Students: 18 


    1. 7. Geek Squad 

    Sponsors: Christian Shimansky & Jana Miller (Computer Labs 1 and 2) 

    Can’t get enough of staring at a screen despite learning during a pandemic? Neither can we! In this intensive we’ll be playing video games. Students can bring their game consoles and monitors if they want. If you want to relax after a hectic year by playing video games with friends, then this is the intensive for you! 

    Approximate Cost: Free  

    Total Students: 35 


    1. 8. Disc Golf? Disc Golf! 

    Sponsor: Tony DelMonego (Tony’s Rm 604) 

    Do you like the idea of sports without all the hassle of running? Want to enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in the world? Then come join the Disc Golf intensive! We will learn the basics of the sport while playing at Tom Brown Park, home to one of Florida’s nicest courses. Afterward, we will unwind with ice cream at Bruster’s! The cost of the intensive covers  

    snacks, ice cream, discs, and transportation. 

    Approximate Cost: $40 

    Total Students: 12 


    1. 9. Bikes & Bees 

    Sponsors: Marlow Matherne and Rob Pell (Marlow’s Rm 603) 

    If you're interested in staying/getting into shape, then come join us mountain biking in the morning at various trails every day (M-Th) and then play Ultimate Frisbee after lunch on the upper field. Students must have a multi-geared trail bike in excellent working order and bring their own lunch Monday-Thursday. Friday, we will hit a local buffet and play Ultimate Frisbee. 

    Approximate Cost: $40 

    Total Students: 12 


    1. 10. Books and Brunch 

    Sponsor: Julie Langston (Julie’s Room 601) 

    Bring your books and your best snacks! Spend the week immersed in your favorite genre. Participate in book talks, share sessions, and get a chance to write your own work of fiction. In this intensive, you will have time to relax and read (or write) your own books. You can make posters to promote your favorite authors and genres and discuss your favorite works with other students who enjoy the book scene. Students must be willing to participate in quiet reading time, bring their own books, and keep an open mind. We will discuss brunch and coffee/tea options at our first meeting, so bring your food ideas, too! 

         Approximate Cost: $0-20 

    Total Students: 15-20 


    1. 11. Touring Washington, D.C. (with a side of Philly!)  

    Sponsors: Caitlin Starkey and Doug Currey (Doug’s Room 506)  

    Explore our nation’s capital on this 6-day adventure! We’ll fly to Washington, D.C, then stay the week in a comfortable home. From this base, our troupe will explore the urban landscape by train, subway, bus, and foot. We’ll tour the U.S. Capitol, visit famous landmarks such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial, & Washington Monument, and view the Constitution & Declaration of Independence. At Arlington National Cemetery, we’ll experience the solemn ritual at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Fun neighborhoods to investigate include Georgetown, with its cobblestone streets, & the funky, cosmopolitan Adams Morgan. DC has much to offer culturally, including the Smithsonian museums; a highlight will be watching a professional play at the wonderful Studio Theatre. To top it all off, we‘ll take the train from DC’s majestic Union Station north to Philadelphia, PA to tour Independence Hall with its Liberty Bell, the Museum of the American Revolution, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, location of the “Rocky Steps.” While in the City of Brotherly Love, we’ll (of course) hunt down a real Philly Cheesesteak! This will be an active & physically demanding week requiring focus & cooperation- only persons who can handle long days with lots of brisk walking should apply! 

    Approximate Cost: $1,250 

    Total Students: 12 


    1. 12. Northern Exposure: Montreal! 

    Sponsors: Sheri Nilles & Danny Wood (Danny’s Room) 

    Get your passport and practice your French, in our own time zone, with a stay in Montreal, Québec! This amazing city has so much to offer; The Insectarium, a behind the scenes look at Musée d'art Contemporain, The Montreal Biodome, walking and shopping the cobblestones of Old Montreal, ice skating and snow tubing! This intensive focuses on Art/Music/Cultural experiences in the city, but as a participant, you will have a say in what we see and do! We are looking for mature young people who will be positive group members, enjoy long days with lots of active/outdoor exposure, can handle the cold, and love new experiences! Participants must be capable of extended physical activity each day. Leave high school with an amazing trip and a passport under your belt! 

    Approximate Cost: $1,400.00 ($135-165.00 additional cost for a passport. Wintry weather gear required. A deposit of $425 will be due with application.) 

    Total Students: 12 


    1. 13. Good Times in Times Square! 

    Sponsors: Benny Brustad & Rosa Cefalu (Rosa’s Room) 

    Put on your best artsy shoes as we travel to the Big Apple, New York City! Incredible art exhibits, museums, and Broadway! We’ll go to the MET, see a Broadway show, visit the Statue of Liberty, go up the Empire State Building, and, of course, get a hot dog at Coney Island! This intensive focuses on Art/Music/Cultural experiences in the city, but as a group member, you will have a say in what we see and do! We are looking for mature young people who will be positive group members, enjoy long days with tons of walking, and love new experiences! Participants must be capable of extended physical activity each day.  

    Approximate Cost: $1,300.00 (A deposit of $350 will be due with application) 

    Total Students: 14 


    1. 14. Tally’s Hidden Gems 

    Sponsor: Mattie Ward & Shareese Brown (gym) 

                We will embark on day adventures in Tallahassee to find and explore cool locations. Interesting eateries, unique shops, and meandering strolls are high on the list. We will use the city & FSU bus systems to check out familiar and unfamiliar locations. Railroad Square, FSU market, and Cap City Video Lounge are likely possibilities. We will decide as a group what other local delights to explore. The ability to handle moderate walking is a must and students will get city bus passes before Intensives. 

    Approximate Cost: $75 (to cover lunches)  

    Total Students: 24 


    1. 15. DIY – Oh the things YOU can do!   

    Sponsor: Susanna (HOPE rm) 

    Create your own adventure week! Plan a family trip, Visit college campuses, Rack up Volunteer hours, Or work all day somewhere you are already employed. YOU make a plan. YOU make the contacts. YOU make it happen. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! All plans must be approved by Susanna in advance. 

    Approximate Cost: Student Set 

    Total Students: Unlimited 


    1. 16. Enrichment  

    Sponsors: Marcia Cone & Reenie (Marcia’s Rm 204) 

    Need time to get caught up on your work? Then this is the intensive for you! Spend a week  getting caught up on all your homework, FLVS, and PLATO classes. If you are a student who needs to make up course credits, you may be requested to join this intensive. 

    Approximate Cost: Free 

    Total Students: As Needed 


    17. Tabletop Tour 

    Sponsor: Jordan DeBenedictis (Jordan’s rm 204) 

    Interested in playing games (be they board, card, or somewhere in-between) and getting away from your pesky computer screen? We’ll be highlighting funky fresh games that you’ve never heard of, with a theme and several new ones each day! If you have games you want to play, that’s cool too! This will be a space for you to try new things, introduce others to the games you already love, and get to hang out with cool people. 

    (Cost: Free) Total Students: 25