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    Thank you to Caitlin and SGA for such a great event!  
    The 2022 Spring battle of the bands was a huge success. 

    We had 3 excellent guest judges –
    Taylor Biro (SAIL Alum and organizer of Gaines Street Fest),
    Michael Gregg (multi-instrumentalist) and
    Benny Brustad (educator/actor/performer/conscript).  Thank you Benny!!

    1st place (and a session in a professional studio donated by KOTP records!) went to Chatter Ants  (Kameryn Casebonne, Kori Jacoby, Mars Lovell, and Maleah Maynard). 

    2nd place (and People’s choice!) went to Haylie Carver and the Experience (Haylie Carver). 

    congratulations also to our other bands:
    Blodiprints (their first performance!) (Natalia Mitchell, Sen Baisch, Mia Williams, and Noah Adams)

    Zero Shock (Noah Adams, David Blair, Jackson Chimilewski, and Christian Weider)

    These kids should all be very proud of themselves. 
    If you see them today, feel free to give them props!