• Did you know that every student can have his/her own page (senior) or half-page (non-senior) in the yearbook at no charge?  Learn how to create your page here-

    Easy YEARBOOK Directions!

    A Word About Individual Pages-

    All students and staff at SAIL are encouraged to make their own individual pages for the Yearbook. You DO NOT have to buy a Yearbook in order to get a page into the Yearbook! All juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and SAIL staff will have half pages, while seniors will have full individual pages. Let’s make a Yearbook we’ll all be proud of! Try to make a page that is well done, that may include:

    • Our requests: please include your photo, imaginative design, cool photos, original art, and intelligent content, original writing, favorite quotes & lyrics, etc.
    • Take your own pictures rather than just downloading stuff from the Internet.
    • Pay attention to the design of your page and edit it carefully for errors
    • Ignore any unpleasant worries about not being creative enough and get started on your page!

    We think that free personal expression is very important. Consider, also, that students, staff, and the entire SAIL community want to enjoy the Yearbook. Therefore,  we reserve the right to "censor" your page if it contains any expression that could be viewed as offensive.

    An individual’s Yearbook page will contain no symbol, suggestion, or appearance of sex, violence, hatred, profanity, drugs, or nudity. 

    How to Access Templates-
    The 'My Yearbook' directory is the place for students and staff to upload their Yearbook individual pages and other Yearbook contributions. How to set up & turn in your Yearbook masterpiece:

    1.      Click on the Yellow Star located on any SAIL computer’s desktop. This will connect you to the My Yearbook directory.

    2.      Decide which program you’d like to use: choose from Photoshop, Publisher, or Word.  If you ARE NOT using a computer, that’s OK- see the next step.

    3.      Open up the folder called Templates For Your Pages, which contains blank pages already correctly set up for you.  Find the template for the program you are using.  Then COPY/PASTE or drag-drop the appropriate template from the Templates folder into your OneDrive. If you are not using a computer to build your page, see the NOTE below.

    4.      In your OneDrive, rename the template file to appear as follows: your last name, first name.file type. Example: bell, emily.doc 

    5.      When you have completely finished your page, save it in your OneDrive. Next, copy/paste or drag/drop your page into the 'My Yearbook' directory (click on yellow star on your desktop). It will go in either the Senior or Non-Senior TURN-IN Your Files Here folder.

    The ‘My Yearbook’ folder is for you to DROP OFF your FINAL file- you might not be able to change or remove the file once it’s turned in.

    NOTE: If a Yearbook page is done by hand, give the finished product to Emily, turn it in in the Media Center, or scan it and submit digitally to My Yearbook.

    If you need assistance, ASK!!! Go to the Media Center desk for help.