•  Welcome to SAIL HIGH SCHOOL!

    A School of Arts and Innovative Learning. Where the individual counts!

    We are happy to offer parents a choice in their high school student’s educational needs.

     The Application Process ... the “Enrollment Application Guide” linked on the sidebar


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Is SAIL a public high school?
      1. SAIL is a public magnet school within the Leon County School district.
    2. Is SAIL a private or charter school? Do you pay tuition to attend?
      1. SAIL is not a private or charter school.
      2. We are a FREE public school
    3. Do students that graduate from SAIL earn a high school diploma?
      1. Yes, they earn a high school diploma as we follow the same Florida Department of Education graduation requirements as all Leon County high schools.
    4. Do you offer transportation?
      1. Yes! We offer transportation to and from school as long as you live within Leon County.


    Ten reasons to CHOOSE SAIL High School:

    1. We have a peaceful campus--we pride ourselves on having a tolerant, inclusive environment. Our administration and faculty work hard to make sure no one is left out and guided by a whole-school bullying prevention initiative.
    2. Our teachers love and support their students.
    3. SAIL is a place where all the arts are celebrated and student interest is cultivated.
    4. SAIL has engaging lessons and hands-on learning opportunities.
    5. Adulting is HARD! But we have a class just for that. We want all of our students to leave our halls with essential adulting knowledge.
    6. Juggling is an actual class! Learn a new skill, but also practice focus, grit and perseverance—skills we all need throughout life.
    7. Yoga can be a part of your daily experience. Learn breathing techniques and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you sip tea with your teacher.
    8. We offer guitar classes and a rocking music ensemble.
    9. Celebrate First Friday with us each month! Our First Friday activities are lunchtime events with free treats for students, music, dancing, art pop-up booths, and more!

    Want to know more?

    Schedule a school tour by calling 488-2468 or email us at EnrollAtSAIL@Leonschools.net

    Tours are given by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after students have left the campus. All tour participants must wear a mask and adhere to social distancing standards. 

Last Modified on January 10, 2022