• New Student Registration

     Online Registration is intended for NEW Students enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. If your child is currently enrolled in any Leon County school (INCLUDING pre-k and charter schools), you do NOT need to complete a new registration form. The online registration form is only for: 

    • Students NEVER enrolled in any LCS site (public, charter, or pre-k)
    • Students not enrolled in an LCS school since 2015
    • Students who did NOT enroll through the school choice office
    • Students moving to Leon County from out of the state
    • Students who have only attended a private school


    What other items are needed to complete the registration process for school?

    ⦁ Birth Certificate (copy)
    ⦁ FL Immunization Record
    ⦁ Current Physical Exam (dated within one year of the enrollment)
    ⦁ Driver’s License of parent/ guardian (Identification purpose only)
    ⦁ Custody/Guardian Court Documentation (if applicable)
    ⦁ Affidavit of Residency (if applicable)                

    2 Proofs of residency with your name and current address. 

    Category 1 Proof    (One proof from each category)|
    ⦁ Homestead exemption (current year)
    ⦁ Mortgage statement / Lease or rental agreement
    ⦁ Property tax record

    Category 2 Proof
    ⦁ Current utility bill, (dated within 30 days) activation notice is acceptable
    ⦁ Vehicle registration
    ⦁ Homeowner’s /rental insurance

    Due to the fact that schools are currently closed, please email the required documents to DAZEVEDOK@LEONSCHOOLS.NET

    What if I live with another person and don’t have a lease or mortgage?

    If you live with another person and the home mortgage or lease is in their name, complete the Affidavit of Residency and Homeowner’s-Renter’s Acknowledgement forms (both will need to be notarized). Submit these forms with the homeowner’s lease or mortgage information, along with your driver’s license and another piece of mail with your name and address on them. 

    - Affidavit of Residency Form - REQUIRED
    Homeowner’s/Renter’s Acknowledgement Form – REQUIRED

    Additional Information:

    School zone lookup Tool Check for Elementary School Zones

    School Choice Office Website  Leon County School District offers reassignment for sibling support, grandfathering, over to under capacity, and hardship. 


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