I miss you all  
    Dear Ash Allstars,

    Let me begin by saying that I miss each of you so very much.  I had no idea that when I left on March 11th that I would not see you all again on March 24th.  I’m sure that you all have many questions and may not really understand why things have changed so much in just a few weeks. I will do all that I can to continue to provide you all with the instruction that you need to make it successfully through your 4th grade year.  The routine may be different but expectations remain the same.  Remember that I only ask that you do your best.  You are your own competition so work to be the best version of yourself!  


    Dear Parents:  

    As we move forward, information will be provided as to when and how assignments can be submitted for students to receive completion credit.  During this difficult time, I ask for patience, flexibility and understanding as we all learn to navigate through a process that is unfamiliar to our normal way of work.  Within the next 2 weeks, I will work to redesign my website to provide a clear outline of assignments and information that will hopefully help to make the distance learning process work smoothly. 

    Distance Learning packets are available for pick-up at Kate Sullivan or can be downloaded via the following link. 
Last Modified on March 28, 2020