• Students need environmental education and awareness to actively participate in addressing present and future environmental issues. With that goal in mind, HMSIS created a schoolyard habitat for monarchs and other pollinators that has brought environmental awareness to life while providing an outdoor, interactive learning environment. HMSIS built the butterfly garden in partnership with Florida Wildlife Federation staff. A school-based action team of students, administrators, educators, and community volunteers comprise our "Eco-Action Team". The National Wildlife Federation EcoSchool USA organization has awarded HMSIS Bronze-Level Status for this first project! We are looking forward to our next project as a nationally certified EcoSchool.

    Vegetable and herb gardens are also part of the HMSIS campus. Dedicated community volunteers, with the help of students, plant carrots, greens, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, and more each year. The harvest is given away to HMSIS staff, students, and families or may be sold at local farmers' markets to help fund gardening costs. The vegetable and herb gardens provide even more opportunities for hands-on learning, inquiry and observation. Plus, students get to experience and try the healthy, home-grown food, often right in their classroom!

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