Hope 24/7 Grocery Locker

  • Hope

    Located at the front entrance of Hartsfield Magnet School for International Studies, you'll find a new Hope 24/7 Grocery Locker from Second Harvest of the Big Bend. For those that are food insecure, they can access this 20-unit  temperature-controlled grocery locker filled with nutritious, fresh, and healthy food by appointment and on their own time when they are unable to make it to a traditional food pantry. This is a contact-free pickup system that uses access codes to open the lockers.

    Second Harvest of the Big Bend’s mission is to feed hungry, food-insecure people in North Florida’s Big Bend region and educate and engage the community in the fight to end hunger.


    To place an order, please visit: https://forms.microsoft.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=2yopaSqnN0WqJNZ6b1ZCvDFga_fTF7JDmIAW06d7GsRUMUdOWjBCWkpUOVFGU0NYVVY2SE1EWTE4RS4u&origin=QRCode&qrcodeorigin=presentation