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    It is with pleasure that I welcome you to our class page!  Here, is where you can receive information regarding your class assignments and view our classroom celebrations. Please become acquainted with our page and stay safe.  I wish you all well. HEART



    Let's Celebrate!

    Congratulations to these students for reaching their green light on REFLEX.  Keep up the hard-work!


    Aria C.

    Tiger B.

    Makai H.

    Autumn H.

    Makayla M.

    Alyssa U.  


    Congratulations to these students for completing IReady!  You did it.


    Tiger B.

    Kelvin F.

    Autumn H.




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    Confused? View the skills!

    Week of: April 13-April 17 Learning videos

    ELA (essential question & vocabulary):

    ELA (prefixes):

    Math (Chapter 8:two-digit addition & subtraction):

     Week of: April 20-24 learning videos

    ELA (essential question, spelling & vocabulary):

    ELA (Open syllables):

    Week of: April 29- May 1 learning videos

    ELA (Inflectional endings):

    Week of: May 4-May 8 learning videos

    ELA (essential question, spelling, & vocabulary):

    ELA (compound words):

    Math (telling time):

     Week of May 11-15 learning videos 

    ELA Irregular Verbs (

    Spelling: Spelling for this week

    Math (telling time):

    Week of May 18-22 learning videos 

    Close out:

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