A Terrific Kid - a child making good behavior choices and following rules and directions - will be selected on Friday of each week.  They can look forward to being honored the next week at school.

    Terrific Kid of the Week Poster
    The terrific kid will bring home a poster in their folder to complete and return to school by Tuesday.  Include photos or hand-drawn pictures of important things in your child's life (ex. family, pets, vacations, favorite activities, etc).  It will be shared with the class and will be posted in our classroom for the rest of the week!  

    Mystery Bag
    The terrific kid will place an object that is special to her\him in the mystery bag. The terrific kid will write five clues to describe the object in the bag. Our class will try to solve the mystery!

    Honorees will appear on the WBLS Morning News!



    1 James

    2 Emery

    3 Micah

    4 Caplin

    5 Hailey

    6 Charlotte

    7 Cora

    8 Rex

    9 Sophia

    10 Ella

    11 Geoff

    12 Cameron

    13 Hannah

    14 Ben

    15 Rose

    16 Dorian

    17 Liam