• Standards and Curriculum


    Florida uses the Mathematics and Language Arts Florida Standards, the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science, and Florida's most recent social studies standards. The standards outline what students in each grade should be able to do by the end of the school year. They form the basis for the curriculum (the lessons we teach and practice assignments students complete). School and state assessments are designed to document students' mastery of the standards.


    These sites provide in-depth information on all of Florida's standards for each subject.
    • FLDOE.org Standards List - a printable list of the Language Arts and Mathematics standards by grade level
    • FloridaStudents.org - resources for students to practice each of the Florida Standards
    • Item Specifications - defines the content and format of the test and test items that will be written for each standard

    Levels of Content Complexity

    Each of Florida's standards is assigned a level of cognitive complexity. Students are expected to master the standard at or above the given complexity level. More information about Florida's levels of content complexity, which are based on the Depth of Knowledge Model by Dr. Norman Webb, is available from the Department of Education on their Cognitive Complexity/Depth of Knowledge Rating webpage.


    Leon County elementary schools use the following curriculum programs to teach Florida's standards: