Advanced Learners

  • Talented and Gifted (TAG)

    DeSoto Trail Elementary School’s program for talented and Gifted students (T.A.G.) provides a learning environment that teaches creative and critical thinking skills and encourages intellectual risk-taking. Gifted and talented students at participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math based, interdisciplinary enrichment classes.

    TAG Classes are based on:
    1. Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
      • Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation
        Bloom's Taxonomy

    2.  Joseph Renzulli's theory of gifted learning and "Enrichment Triad Model"
      • TYPE I - General Interest / Exploratory Activities
        These activities are designed to expose students to topics that ordinarily would not be covered within the regular curriculum. Examples of Type I activities might include listening to guest speakers, watching demonstrations, going on field trips, viewing print or non-print materials and brainstorming sessions.
      • TYPE II - Group Training Activities / Skills Development
        These activities are designed to develop thinking and feeling skills and students are involved in designing, experimenting, comparing, analyzing, recording and classifying. Skills to be developed include creative and critical thinking, learning how to learn, using advanced level reference materials and communicating effectively. 
      • TYPE III - Individual and Small Group Investigation of Real Problems
        Students apply the knowledge and skills they have developed while working through Type I and Type II activities to focus on a particular area or issue that interests them and produce individual creative products that are shared with real audiences.