• Student Mentor Program

    We love our Trailblazers and want to provide them with opportunities to be successful inside and outside of school. We are fortunate to have a strong mentor program sponsored by our PTO that provides a variety of supports to our students in need academically, socially, or emotionally.

    Research shows that a child who meets with a mentor once a week is less likely to try illegal drugs, experiment with alcohol, skip school, or get into a fight. A child who meets with a mentor is more likely to succeed in school. DeSoto Trail participates in the Leon County Schools mentoring program.

    Becoming an LCS mentor is easy and rewarding:
    • Step 1: Register for a New Mentor Training
    • Step 2: Come to Mentor Training and learn the basic policies and tips on becoming a good mentor.
    • Step 3: Get fingerprinted. All newly trained mentors are fingerprinted (at no cost) and after they are cleared, every 5 years.
    • Step 4: Meet your mentor School based Mentor Coordinator & your student!
    For more information on the Leon County Schools Mentor Program, visit the LCS Mentors website. For more information about becoming a mentor at DeSoto Trail, contact Kaylan Wells at sealskayr@gmail.com.

    Parent Mentor Program: Parent Navigator 

    Parent Navigator is a program where parents can find mentorship and advice to help them figure out the best approach to addressing issues that are affecting them and their children. This program provides parents with access to resources and individuals that can help them in their time of need. The mentors will help the parents make decisions that are in the family’s best interest. It seeks to create a sense of community and partnership and give parents a shoulder to lean on as they figure out the mysteries of parenting.
    Complete the online Parent Navigator Sign-up Form to request assistance from a navigator. Questions about this program can be directed to C2ParentNavigators@gmail.com. More information is also available in this story from WFSU.