• Mentor Program

    A child who meets with a mentor once a week is less likely to try illegal drugs, experiment with alcohol, skip school, or get into a fight. A child who meets with a mentor is more likely to succeed in school. DeSoto Trail participates in the Leon County Schools mentoring program.
    Becoming an LCS mentor is easy and rewarding:
    • Step 1: Register for a New Mentor Training
    • Step 2: Come to Mentor Training and learn the basic policies and tips on becoming a good mentor.
    • Step 3: Get fingerprinted. All newly trained mentors are fingerprinted (at no cost) and after they are cleared, every 5 years.
    • Step 4: Meet your mentor School based Mentor Coordinator & your student!
    For more information on the Leon County Schools Mentor Program, visit the LCS Mentors website. For more information about becoming a mentor at DeSoto Trail, contact Kaylan Wells at sealskayr@gmail.com.