• Homework is an important part of your child's education.  Please know that you play a vital role in helping your child learn to read, understand math concepts and become a successful student.  If  you have any questions feel free to contact me by clicking on the contact link on the home page.

    Math -Your child should do the chapter homework as they are assigned and then turn it in when requested. Please grade the pages and go over anything your child had difficulty with. If there is something you have question about please feel free to email me.  I will be checking to see who turns in their homework.  It will be a part of their math grade.

    Reading - Please have your child read to you each night.  They should read at least 20 books per month.   This is your child's language arts homework and will be part of their grade.  If your child is reading chapter books, each chapter counts as one book. When your child completes the reading log send it in.   We will be keeping a tally of the number of books read. Have fun reading!  Your child should also be learning to read the sight words for each 9-weeks.  I will be testing your child on his/her ability to read them at the end of each Wonders unit.  Click on the link to get a copy of the log.  Reading log 
    Spelling -  Your child will be receiving a list of spelling words each week beginning the second week of school.  The children are not required to turn in any spelling homework but will be responsible for knowing how to spell the words each week. You can decide how your child studies the words.   You can use the following to make spelling homework a little more fun: Roll-a-Sight-word