Brittle News 10/26/18

Brittle News Friday, October 26, 2018


Upcoming Events

10/29- 11/2 - Character Education Spirit Week 

Monday, October 29th - “Let Your Kindness Knock Their Socks Off”- Students wear crazy/colorful socks.

Tuesday, October 30th -“Bobcats are Red-y to Make Positive Choices”- Students wear the color red.

Wednesday, October 31st -“Bobcats Have Great Character”- Students dress up as their favorite book character.

Thursday, November 1st - “We’re Wacky for Good Character”-Students wear wacky-tacky clothing. 

Friday, November 2nd - “Boosterthon Spirit Day”- Students wear class or school T-shirts for the Boosterthon Fun Run.


Wednesday, October 31st- Class shirts will arrive.

Wednesday, October 31st- Fall Party (12:45-1:45)


 Daily Folders

Please remember to have your child bring his/her blue folder to school every day. 

Please check your child’s “Daily Folder.

Homework Folders

Over the weekend, have your child read an AR book of his/her choice. Every student should be reading an AR book(s) of his/her choice weekly so he/she can meet his/her goal for the second nine weeks. AR points are earned by taking tests at school on books he/she has read on his/her level or above and earning at least 80%. Students can take AR tests on books from our classroom library, school library, public library, or books from home as long as they are AR and on or above his/her reading level. Please remember to sign your child’s AR weekly reading log located in the back of the blue daily folder.



Peek at next Week

Reading- Monday, October 29th we will be taking unit 2 week 2 Wonders assessments. On Tuesday, October 30th our class will begin unit 2 week 3. The children will take their pre-spelling test on u2w3 on Tuesday, October 30th. Our class will be focusing on animals and their homes. The children will learn about the different features of animal habitats. The skills for this week are making predictions, main topic and key details of the story, suffixes ly, ful, and identifying common and proper nouns.


Math- We will continue Chapter 3 in Go Math this week. We are learning basic facts in addition and subtraction, as well as strategies for solving these facts in this chapter. Quick recall of addition/subtraction facts comes in handy for our next few math chapters. I would recommend spending 10 minutes each day doing math flashcards. 


Science/Social Studies- Continue learning about different animal habitats.


If you have any questions, please email me at  


To Many Happy Days, 


Ms. Brittle