Brittle News 08/17/18

A Great Start!

     We had a great first week of school! I can tell it is going to be a great year!  I have a wonderful class and everyone seems to enjoy getting to know each other.  During the next few weeks, I will be assessing the academic knowledge of each child as well as learning their individual working behaviors and learning styles.  While I am getting to know the children, they are learning the second gr de “way of work” as well as getting to know their classmates.


I need someone to volunteer to be our “Homeroom Parent”. As of now, nobody has signed up for this fun job. L The homeroom parent’s main job is to help organize our classroom holiday parties by calling or emailing other parents to bring in requested refreshments. He/she sometimes will need to contact parents to be volunteers at other Buck Lake functions. We will work together! Please email me at or send me a note if you are able to take on this very important, helpful, and necessary role.

f you are interested in volunteering in our room or on field trips, please complete the application form on the LCS website.

Daily Folders

I will be sending home important school information by your child. Please make sure to check your child’s daily folder each night! I am currently creating an email distribution list for our class. Thank you to everyone who replied to my test email yesterday. If you did not receive, the email please let me know. 

 To Many Happy Days,

Ms. Brittle