Friday, November 15, 2019

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 Friday, November 15, 2019

Daily Folders

Please remember to have your child bring his/her blue folder to school every day. Please check your child’s “Daily Folder”.  Class shirts went home today and please remember to login to 

AR Reading

Every student should be reading an AR book(s) of his/her choice weekly so he/she can meet his/her goal for the second nine weeks. AR points are earned by taking tests at school on books he/she has read on his/her level or above and earning at least 80%. Students can take AR tests on books from our classroom library, school library, public library, or books from home as long as they are AR and on or above his/her reading level. Your child received his/her new AR goal for the second nine weeks and it is located in his/her “Daily” folder.


U2W3. This week our class focused on animals and their homes.  We learned about the different features of animal habitats. We will complete U2W3 on Monday, November 18th.  Our U2W3 spelling and vocabulary assessments are scheduled for Tuesday, November 19th. Our reading comprehension and writing assessments are scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th.  The skills for u2W3 are identifying making predictions, main topic and key details. In writing, we will be focusing on suffixes (ly) and (ful). U2W3 words contain soft /c/ and soft /g/ words. 

Located on the back of the “Blue Daily Folder” are u2w3 spelling words, vocabulary, comprehension strategies, skills, and high frequency words. Please leave it in the back sleeve of the folder. You may also print a copy of the attachment attached to this email.

The students will read and answer the questions independently. The grade will be part of his/her language arts grade and will be recorded in FOCUS. However, the written response will be a work/study grade until January. Starting in January, the written response will be included in your child’s weekly Wonders assessments. In the meantime, I will be giving feedback and showing strategies to help your child improve his/her writing. 


We will complete chapter 4 on 2-digit addition on Wednesday, November 20th. Our chapter 4 assessment is scheduled for Thursday, November 21st on solving addition problems with 2-digit addends using different strategies.


Keep practicing recalling basic addition/subtraction facts. Recalling facts is extremely important and comes in handy for our math chapters. I would recommend spending 10 minutes each day doing math flashcards.


Social Studies- Continue learning about Native Americans.


Upcoming Events

Monday, November 18th- Silly sock and hat day for incentive for BoosterThon originally scheduled for Wednesday, November 13th.

Thursday, November 21st- Technology hour. Students may bring a device from home to use for one hour in the classroom.

Friday, November 22nd- Read-a-Thon. Students may bring a small blanket and pillow with a few of his/her favorite books.

Thanksgiving Holiday- No school.

Monday, November 25th-November 29th.



If you have any questions, please email me at  


To Many Happy Days, 

Ms. Brittle