Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 1/18/2023 5:00:00 AM

Tuesday 1/17/23

ELA:Important dates and spelling words into planner, create flashcards for new vocabulary words, Realistic Fiction page 19 in reading packet (turn in U.2.W.5 reading packet and collect U.3.W.1 packet), Quick read of "Love, Amalia" excerpt, Latin Roots comprehension check

Social Studies: Block 1 open book quiz for lesson 2 chapter 4; Block 2 work on lesson 3 Jamestown notes

Wednesday 1/18/23

ELA: Lexia minutes, small groups with Ms. Centers, Prepositions page 46 in reading packet, Workshop:

(1) Latin roots page 42,

(2) Spelling page 45

(3) Vocabulary p.46 

(4) Check for understanding p. 37 (questions 1-4)

(5) Vocabulary Flashcards

(6) Read for AR challenge

Social Studies: Block 1 textbook pages 132-133; discuss the significance of Jamestown settlement; discuss rubric for Jamestown Map Assignment 

Block 2: Lesson 3 Jamestown Notes

Thursday 1/19/23

ELA: Complete workshop from Wednesday, review for spelling quiz, close reading notes with reading partners,  preposition review, begin brainstorming for opinion essay

SS: Block 1 work on Jamestown map

Block 2: Lesson 3 notes, comprehension questions, "Age of Discovery" comp questions; Discuss Jamestown Map rubric

Friday 1/20/23

ELA: Review Game, Spelling Quiz, brainstorming for Opinion essay/current events assignment

SS: Block 1 Jamestown Map Assignment

Block 2 Open Notes Quiz, Jamestown Map Assignment

Monday 1/23/23

*Literacy Week*

ELA: Review for ELA exam; Organize information for Opinion Essay

SS: Jamestown Map Assignment; Lesson 4 notes and Vocabulary/Study Guide Page

Tuesday 1/24/23

ELA: Review for ELA exam; Develop Opinion Essay

SS: Turn in Jamestown Map Assignment; Complete Lesson 4 notes and Vocabulary/Study Guide Page (turn in)

Wednesday 1/25/23

ELA: Test Prep Passage and Comprehension Questions

SS: Lesson 5 notes

Thursday 1/26/23 *Literacy Night 5:30-6:30 pm

ELA: Unit 3 Week 2; quick read of story (realistic fiction), close reading notes, new vocabulary flashcards, new spelling words into planner

SS: Review for SS Test 

Friday 1/27/23*Character Parade at 8:40am*

Character parade: dress up as your favorite literary character (no scary characters please as littles will be participating :)