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    Posted by Mis'Shaylanqua Smith on 2/22/2021

    Weekly AR Challenge- Read and quiz on a chapter at the top of their AR level.

    Treat... nachos, cheese, and jalapenos

    Weekly Update for March 22-26

    Dates to Remember


    March 23- SAC meeting (virtual)

    April 1- End of 3rd nine weeks

    April 2- No School

    April 5- No school (Teacher Planning Day)


    Wish List

    *Hand Soap

    * Disinfectant wipes

     *treats (small toys, pencils, candy, stickers,etc.)

    Reading Skills


    Writing- Opinion Essays

    Grammar- quotation marks


    Spelling Words


    2. ruined

    3. grueling

    4. glorious

    5. trials

    6. casual

    7. patriot

    8. variety

    9. radiance

    10. calcium


    Wonders Vocabulary words

    Unit 3 week 2

    3/25 Wonders Comprehension/Vocabulary Quiz

    3/26 Spelling and Wonders Test


    1. civilization- a society in which agriculture, trade, government, are, and science are highly developed.
    2. complex-hard to understand or do.
    3. cultivate- to plant and help grow; to improve or develop
    4. devise- to think out; invent; plan
    5. fashioned- gave form to; made; shaped
    6. resourceful- skilled in dealing with new or difficult situations
    7. shortage- too small an amount to supply; lack
    8. tormentors- people or things that cause someone discomfort or pain




    Unit 8 Lesson 4



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