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    Boosterthon is here!!!!!

    Digital Program Launch Virtual DanceFit + Prizes

    This is "Digital Program Launch Virtual DanceFit + Prizes" by Boosterthon Fun Run on Vimeo.



    Parent announcements:

    -(9/14) progress reports will populate in FOCUS at the end of the day tomorrow.  A "z" means that assignment is missing and is scored as a 0.  An "x" means that assignment has been marked exempt for your child.  There is a FULL list of the assignments for each of the past weeks below the daily schedule.   Simply scroll down.  I have a box for late work in the class.

    -(9/10) Last night I sent out a Sign-up-Genius email for parent conferences.

    -(9/8) Boosterthon kick-off is Monday the 13th.  Check out this video for information on how you can help your kids raise funds for Conley and earn nifty prises along the way.  Video link

    -(9/8)I am sending home a math chapter 1 review packet today.  It is my plan to test on Tuesday next week.  I am asking that students (and parents) review, work through and show the work for these problems.  I will add an additional 5 bonus points to student test scores IF they turn them in COMPLETED on or before next Tuesday.   

    -(9/7)  Students must have headphones or ear buds for working on their computers here at school.  They were given a set the very first week of school.  Some have already lost or broke the set they were given.  Please purchase a set for them if they need one.  The laptops they use have a standard audio plug.  Without headphones they are only getting a fraction of the instruction they need for I-Ready growth and success.

    -(9/1) There's a new source for students to recieve Homework assistance from FEV Tutor Edmentum...   Mr. Koerner sent out a listserv about this last week.  Here's a flier with info.

    (8/31) Here's the Powerpoint that I shared in our Open-House tonight.... 

     (8/27)  We will practice using our online account resources such as Office 365 (in which students have a school email account and access to a suite of online software), ED-Learning (our science program's online components), Think Central (Go!Math's online components) and CANVAS.  In a couple of weeks all students should be able to access these progam platforms AND use my classroom Zoom link to accomplish assignments both in school and from home.

     (8/20) I placed the first set of grades in the gradebook this weekend.  Normally I will put in 1 or 2 items 2-3 times a week instead of the 5 or 6 I put in this time.  IF you see a "Z" as a grade, that item is missing and the score right now equals a 0.  Have junior get that caught up and turned in as soon as posssible.  Remember that I have a list of assignments from past weeks with pdfs of many of them below this week's assignment list (below the class schedule).

    (8/11) If you are not signed up for "listserv" messages, please take a moment to visit Conley's home page to sign up for that.  Through "listserv" you will recieve important communications from our Admin team in a timely manner.   

     (8/13) Parent Portal is a tool you need.  If you have it, make sure it works and that you update your contact info in it.  If you don't have it....  get it.    I have attached 3 documents below that will help with getting and/or updating a parent portal account.  How to get it     how to update it    what it can do

    (8/09) *****If you need to change your child's dismissal plan for a particular day, please send an email to CSSOffice@leonschools.net by no later than 2:00 PM.  If you are planning to pick them up early from school it should be done no later than 2:15.*****


    My email….  If you have questions.   christianos@leonschools.net

     (8/09)  Because Ms. Rice and I will be involved in teaching activities throughout the day we often will not be able to answer phone calls throughout the day. The best way to contact us is through email. I check my email 2 to 3 times a day and will do my best to contact you by the end of the day.  I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, from both you and me…    My email is    christianos@leonschools.net   and Ms. Rice’s is   ricec1@leonschools.net .  By using email as your primary means of contact as it will allow us to get back to you in a more timely manner. 



    Our classwork

    Week of 09/12   Math test Tuesday 

    Monday-   (Boosterthon Kick-off day  Please look for information sent home from school and on the school home page.)

    Math- We'll Check our work from Friday and do a Chapter 1 Review.  Remember the practice packet is due tomorrow.

    Science- Review lesson lesson 2-1 today by taking another look at The Sum-It-Up and Braincheck from Friday.   (no new assignment)


    Math- Chapter 1 Test Day

    Science- We'll  collect the Quetions assigned friday  and take the quiz for lesson 2.1 .


    Math- We'll start a new chapter of study today; Division of whole numbers.  Today our lesson will be on our CANVAS Platform in Classlink.   We'll complete both parts of Lesson 5-1 "Division Wonderland."

    Science- In science today we will start With the Digital Lesson in class and Students will complete the Active Reading for pages 89-97.

    Thursday-    No School 

    Math- n/a






    Daily Schedule


     Past weeks' work.... 

    Did Junior forget an assignment... was he or she absent... here they are.  Any late assignments that are turned in will be put in the gradebook, but will lose 10% unless there is an excused absence attached to the day the assignment was given or due.


    Week of-

    Week of 09/06    

    Tuesday -  Math- Lesson 1.9 solving Multi-step problems.   Here are the lesson pages.   And here are pages 41 & 42 for classwork

    Science-  CHapter Review and Test prep.

    Wednesday- Math- We will review the problems from lesson 1-9 together.  Our assignmet today will be on the same topic; Workbook page 19&20

    Science-  Unit test today...   (No assignment)

    Thursday-    Math- We will go on to lesson 1-10 today on Writing Numerical Expressions...  Lesson pages...   Complete pages 45-46 from the text.

    Science- We'll introduce unit 2 lesson 1 today... "What is the Design Process" .  Students please do the Active Reading of pages 69-79.

    Friday-    Math- We will check our work from lesson 1-10 then move onto Lesson 1-11.  THe focus is on using Order of Operations to EVALUATE multi-step equations.  Lesson pages...  Classwork- page 49

    Science- We will finish our Digital lesson introduction of lesson 2.1 in class today and assign the Questions from our text found on pages 80-84.  Students will have until Tuesday to get those completed.


    Week of 08/30

    Monday-  Math- (Block 2 Math....  NO ASSIGNMENT)   We will Begin lesson 1.7, Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers to larger numbers today in class (Lesson Pages).  Our assignment today will be Page 15 from the workbook.  Here is the Mr.Mathblog.com video for that lesson.

    Science- We will finish our Online Digitial lesson From Friday (See Last week's Friday Science Lesson) and We will Move ON to Our digital lesson For lesson 1-5: What are Some Science Tools?  It will also be found on ED-Learning in the "Assignments" tab.

    Tuesday -  Math- (Block 1 No math assignment)  Block 2 We will Begin lesson 1.7, Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers to larger numbers today in class (Lesson Pages).  Our assignment today will be Page 15 from the workbook.  Here is the Mr.Mathblog.com video for that lesson.

    Science- We will continue with our digital lesson For lesson 1-5: What are Some Science Tools?  It can be found on ED-Learning in the "Assignments" tab.  Please read pages 45-55.

    Wednesday- Math- Lesson 1.7  continued.  We will look at our practice work from yesterday (WB page 15), then your assignment today will be pages 33& 34 from the text....  #'s 3-8 & 17-21

    Science- We will read and discuss pages 45-55 in class today.  (Please complete the reading and Digital lessons on ED-Learning)

    Thursday-    Math- We will check and collect pages 33-34 from yesterday.  We will do lesson 1.8 in class, here are the lesson pages. Here is a Mr. Math blog video  link for it.  We will do pages 37-38 for classwork (#'s 1- 7 & 11-15)

    Science- We will review our reading from lesson 1.5 and do the  Sum-it-Up & Brain-Check  questions on pages 56-58

    Friday-    Math- We will finish up lesson 1-8 with a review and conduct a practice  Zoom meeting in class.    (no new work!)

    Science- We will review lesson 1-5  and check the Braincheck and Sum-It-Up in class.  We will conduct an group investigation in class today to review the parts of a Controlled Experiment.  (No New Work!) 

    (for those of you at home, here's an idea to try... find a ball.  Use a chair or other oblect to drop the ball from THE SAME HIGHT onto different surfaces (carpet, tile, wood, grass, stacked paper...) try to figure out how to measure how far the ball bounces up on its first bounce. (no ruler... no problem...  use an object like a lego, a battery or the short edge of your phone & count the nuber of those objects instead of inches or cm).  Make a chart to show your data.


    Week of 08/23

    Monday-   Math-  We will continue in Lesson 1.4 today, the lesson on exponents.  Our assignment will be pages 9 & 10

    Science- This week we will study the different types of investigations used by scientists.  We'll be in lesson 1.3.  Tonight please do the active reading for pages 25-37.  (2 days)

    Tuesday -  Math-  We will apply the concepts of lessons 2-4: exponents, associative grouping, and multiplying by a power of 10.  Students will complete pages 11 & 12 in their workbooks.

    Science-  This week we will study the different types of investigations used by scientists.  We'll be in lesson 1.3.  Tonight please finish the active reading for pages 25-37.  (day 2 of 2)

    Wednesday- Math-  We will review lesson 1.5 this morning and then take our quiz in class.  There will be no additional math assignment tonight.

    Science- We will read through the rest of lesson 1.3 in class.  Students will complete pages 38-40.  

    Thursday-    Math-  Lesson 1.6 covers multiplying large numbers by 1 digit numbers.  The assignment will be pages 29&30 from the text.  Mr. Math Blog link to the lesson.

    Science- We will close Lesson 1.3 with a review of the questions from pages 38-40.  Then we'll take a quiz on the main ideas of the lesson.

    Friday-    Math-  Today we will continue in lesson 1.6.  After checking some of the problems from pages 29 & 30we will do page 13 from our Workbook.  Here are 2 Khan Academy Videos on the topic:  Video 1    Video 2   

    Science- We will work on our computer today.  From your ClassLink account find the ED-Learning tab.  Once in find and click on the "assignment" tab.  Look for the assignment entitled "Student View of Digital Lesson - Inquiry Lesson: How do you perform a Controlled Exeriment?"  Click on that tab and work through the interactive lesson.  I will get a report from the site when you have completed it.


    Week of 08/16  

    Monday-   N/A Storm day

    Tuesday -    Math-   N/A

    Science-  Science-  We will continue lesson 1.1 in ED Science today.  The focus is on learning the number one job of scientists....  Observing and collecting data. Students will do the ACTIVE reading assignments, Pages 3-13.  This is an IN DEPTH reading of the lesson while doing the little activities in the reading pages.

    Wednesday-   Math- We'll do lesson 1.3, focusing on the math properties used in doing common problems: THe Commutative Property, Associative Property & our first look at the Distrbutive Property.  Students will complete Workbook pages 7&8...

    Science-  Students will work in class and at home finishing the Active reading of pages 3-13.  

    Thursday-    Math- We will continue with Lesson 1-3 today, spending another day looking at basic math properties.  You will complete pages 15 & 16 from the textbook.

    Science-  We will fininsh our look at the reading material from lesson 1-1.  You will complete the Questions on pages 14-16

    Friday-    Math-  We'll finish up lesson 1-3 today then look at 1-4 a lesson introducing exponents.  Students will complete page 19 in the text.

    Science-  Today, We will finish lesson 1-1 by checking our work from pages 14-16 and taking a lesson quiz.


    Week of 08/11  

    Wednesday-    Math-  Go! Math Lesson 1.1  We will cover the textbook pages in class.  Complete the WB pages 3  for lesson 1.1

                        Here is that assignment PDF math 1.1                  Science-  N/A

    Thursday-       Math-  Go! Math Lesson 1.1  We will continue looking at how numbers can be 10 times bigger than or 1/10 the size of other numbers depending on where they are located in the place value spectrum.  Your assignment today will be pages 7&8 from your text book.  I have linked them here.     Science-  We will be discussing the reasons it is so important to communicate CLEARLY and Specifically when doing science.  There will be no assignment today.

     Friday-      Math-  We will work in Lesson 1.2 of Go!Math today looking at a review of place value concepts.  Here are the lesson pages we will cover.   Students will complete page 5 & 6 from our workbook.             Science-  We will Begin lesson 1.1 in ED Science today.  The focus is on learning the number one job of scientists....  Observing and collecting data. Students will be assigned the reading from the lesson, Pages 3-13.




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