Sleep...  Why are my students sleeping in class...?  

    Besides the teacher being a bore (which I can be sometimes) students sleep in class for a variety of reasons:

    -Not enough sleep at night (Sleep study data)

    -Dietary needs (Dietary study and sleep Data)

    -Medical issues.  (Pediatric Sleep disorder study data)




    Shortcuts to success.....?

     Shortcuts in life rarely lead to success.  Too many students seek out short cuts in problem solving BEFORE they have mastered the skill.  Don't get me wrong, short cuts save time and money in many cases, but if you are not a master of that skill you have no business short cutting the process.  Imaging your doctor, dentist, mechanic, contractor, lawyer or butcher short cutting.....  it might get ugly really quick.  The essay below is focused on this short-cutting in math class.  






    We'll start working in math on day 1.

    Chapter 1  mid chapter quiz is planned for Tuesday 8/20

    Chapter 1 test is planned for Thursday 9/5.


    Think like a scientist... work like a scientist

    Monday and Tuesday we will do some observation exersizes in class

    We'll start our science curriculum on Wednesday

    Unit 1 is about the process of science

    We plan to cover a lesson a week in chapter 1

    Each lesson will have a lesson quiz grade and a classwork grade

    We paln to test out of chapter 1 on Wednesday 9/4.

    This monday, 8/19 we will finsish and quiz lesson 1 and move onto lesson 3 Tuesday.  We should finish and quiz lesson 3 Friday 8/23.








     2 great math sites that have REAL math at the core...



     Students can access both Think Central and ED ​ at school and at home now.  This is where they will find all their resources for math and science.  To get to it at home they need to go to the Conley student portal, near the top right corner of the page, look for where it says class link, and from there students log into their account using these credentials:

    Username- their171ID#@edu.leonschools.net
    Password- 5digitlunchPIN#

    Once they do that, they should gain access to their applications page.  Select think central and use the same login information if needed.  Over time the server will recognize your home workstation and streamline the login process. 

    When you look at your child's work and you see the letters SYW you may take pause and wonder, "what does 
    SYW mean?"  SYW is a classroom prompt I use to remind students the importance of   Showing Your Work.  For instance, when we are looking at our math work from the previous day, and I ask, "How did you do that (which I do almost every time)?" You'll be able to quickly recount HOW you worked through that problem.  If I ask, "Did anyone do this differently?"  You'll be able to describe your alternate solution strategy.
    The most important reason for 
    SYWing comes to light when you miss a question.  What did you do wrong?  Where did I make my error, because I set up the problem correctly?  How do I explain this issue to the teacher?  None of these can occur, if you don't know what you did EXACTLY.

    I remind the class every time we get a test or quiz back, that I can't see how to help you if you don't 
    SYW.  I can't give you partial credit on a question if I don't see that you had that problem set up correctly, or that you did the first 2 steps properly but made a mistake on the 3rd part.  I can give partial credit if you do do those things.

    SYW ... if you're not doing it, you're doing the math wrong.

    SYT... in science, it's Show Your Thinking.  With our focus on Claims/Evidence/Reasoning this year, I will be continually asking your children to EXPLAIN their thinking.  One word answers aren't enough to explain the thought process behind scientific claims.  Our focus for the first part of the year will be to learn the differences and connections between observations (the key to doing science), and claims.  Along the way we'll dig deep into putting voice to the thinking (reasoning) needed to move from observation to making claims that can be tested. 
      & SYT, Two vital skills
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