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    Parent announcements:


    - (8/09)  Because Ms. Bailey and I will be involved in teaching activities throughout the day, we often will not be able to answer phone calls. The best way to contact us is through email. I check my email 2 to 3 times a day and will do my best to contact you by the end of the day.  I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, from both you and me…    My email is    christianos@leonschools.net   and Ms. Bailey’s is   Baileyc@leonschools.net . By using email as your primary means of contact as it will allow us to get back to you in a more timely manner.   

    -(8/5) Click here for the Orientation Day PowerPoint we veiwed in class on Friday.

    -(8/09) *****If you need to change your child's dismissal plan for a particular day, please send an email to CSSOffice@leonschools.net by no later than 2:00 PM.  If you are planning to pick them up early from school, it should be done no later than 2:15.*****

    My email….  If you have questions.   christianos@leonschools.net

    -(8/9) Here's a copy of the Walker Verification Form  that must be filled out and approved if your child is going to walk home.

    -(8/9) Here is a copy of the  welcome letter I emailed on Tuesday afternoon.


    Our classwork   (subject to change...  Please check EVERY day for updates)

    Monday-   No School



    Tuesday-    No School




    Math-  Today we will do lesson 1-1.  Here are the lesson pages.  Please complete pages 7-8.  Here's a Khan Academy video for this lesson.  Did not get to the lesson today... we will adjust the dates tonight...

    Science- N/A


    Math-    Today we will do lesson 1-1.  Here are the lesson pages.  Please complete pages 7-8.  Here's a Khan Academy video for this lesson.  

    Science-  We'll be doing lesson 1-1 today.  Our focus in class will be the Digital Lesson.  Over the next 2 days, please read pages 3-13 from our textbook.


    Math-      Today we will do lesson 1-2.  Here are the lesson pages.  Please complete pages 11-12  .  Here is a Khan Academy video about this Word form and Expanded form.

    Science-   We'll be again be involved in lesson 1-1 today.  Our focus in class will be to finish the Digital Lesson in class.  Please read pages 3-13 from our textbook and be ready on Monday to discuss the lesson.  


    Carry into Monday...  Today we will do lesson 1-3.  Here are the lesson pages.  Please finish pages 15-16.  Here is a Khan Academy article about the properties of addition and one about the properties of Multiplication.





    Daily Schedule  




     Past weeks' work.... 

    Did Junior forget an assignment... was he or she absent... here they are.  Any late assignments that are turned in will be put in the gradebook, but will lose 10% unless there is an excused absence attached to the day the assignment was given or due.


    Past week of-

    My website  deleted itself when I hit save today (4/10).  I have a list of the assignments in the gradebook listed below.  Unfortunately, the newest version of the teacher website program purchased by the district is another example of your tax dollars at work.  Thus far this year, the new software has done this 4 times.  It did this 0 times over the previous 4 years... with the old software.  

    Assignment listing for this Quarter:

    Math                                     Science

    Pg 191- 192 WB                   Pg 218-222

    Pg 393-394                           Pg 442-444

    Pg 397 -398                          pages 462-466

    Plotting in September          pgs 462-466

    Pg 407-408                          Lesson 9-3 quiz

    Pg 411-412                         Lesson 9-1 quiz

    Pg 415-416                         pge 482-484 

    pages 425-426.                      lesson quiz.  9-4   

    workbook pages 209-210       pages 507-510   



    Week of 05/09   

    Monday-    Math-    We'll check our work from Friday and spend time on a review of several math concepts

    Science-   Today we'll finish our digital lesson on types of adaptations.  Complete the active reading for lesson 11-1 pgs 523-533.

    Tuesday-    Math-    Math FSA Day 1

    Science-  Complete the Sum It Up and BrainCheck for lesson 11-1 in class.  Pages 534-536

    Wednesday  Math-  Math FSA Day 2

    Science-   We'll collect the braincheck from yesterday and watch & discuss the digital lesson for 11-3 "What are some adaptations for living on the land?"

    Thursday-     Math-   Chapter 11 Review

    Science-  We'll complete the digital lesson for 11-3 "What are some adaptations for living on the land?"    Read pages (pg 541-553) 

    Friday-   Math-   Chapter 11 Test

    Science-   Complete the lesson reading for 11-3 (pg 541-553) and work on the Sum It Up and BrainCheck  (pg 554-556

    Week of 05/02

    Monday-  Math-    Lesson 11-7  Understand Volume   Lesson pages    complete pages 469-470   Mr.MathBlog.Com's video lesson

    Science-   Lesson 10-1 "How do environmental changes affect organisms?"  Discuss reading For the lesson.  (due Thursday) Complete Braincheck pages 507-510

    Tuesday-    Math-   Lesson 11-10  Apply Volume Formulas   Lesson pages    complete pages 481-482   Mr.MathBlog.Com's video lesson

    Science-  FSA ELA Test in AM (8:45-10:30)  day 1

    Wednesday  Math-   Work day  Work on Braincheck and video lessons for volume.  WB pg 237-238 

    Science-   FSA ELA Test in AM (8:45-10:30)  day 2

    Thursday-     Math-   Lesson 11-12  Volume of Composed Figures   (2 days) Lesson pages    complete pages 489-490 (1,2,5,7)  Mr.MathBlog.Com's video lesson

    Science-  We'll review the Braincheck for lesson 10-1.

    Friday-   Math-   Lesson 11-12  Volume of Composed Figures   (2 days) Lesson pages    complete WB pages 241-142   Khan Academy video lesson

    Science-  We'll take the Quiz for the lesson on ED-Learning.  Lesson 11-1 "What is Adaptation?"  We'll complete the digital lesson today.  lease complete the active reading for pages 523-533



    Remember, logging into your ClassLink account from home is a little different.


    Go to the Conley Website and click on the ClassLink button in the top Right of the page.

    pic 1


    Then Click on the green login button

    pic 3


    Then enter your Student Email (this is your username at home....  in school we just use your ID #) as username and Lunch PIN as the Password.  (your email is your 9digitstudentID#  attached to @edu.leonschools.net)


    example:  171234567@edu.leonschools.net



    Once you're in, you'll see  all your ClassLink Icons.


    The 3 you'll be most interested in I have circled.  You may have to look around a bit

    to them, but once you do, click, grab and slide them to the top row.

    pic 4


    Each student has a school Outlook email account.

    You can get into that by clicking on the 0ffice 365 icon, then clicking on the  Outlook Icon that will be on the left side of the screen.

    pic 5


    Once you do that You'll see the Inbox on the left as well.

    pic 6


    If ClassLink is down and you need to get into CANVAS, the following link should let you sign-in. You’ll need to enter your full email address and password.   https://leonschools.instructure.com/

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