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     Parents....  Please check your child's grades in FOCUS.  There are only a few days left in the first quarter.  If there are missing assignments (marked "Z") they need to be finished before the end of this week.   

    My email….  If you have questions.   christianos@leonschools.net


    For technical questions please call the LCS Technical help desk   (850)487-7260   

    We will continue to meet daily at 8:30 with your morning/homeroom teacher and at 11:35 with your block 2 teacher.  


    Please check out and share the information on this website regarding a Homework Hub organized by the LCS Public Library:  http://cms.leoncountyfl.gov/Library/Library-Services/Children-Services/Homework-Hub.


    - 15 minutes a day in I-Ready Math or Reading (rotate them)-

    Every week, please visit Special Area courses.  You are expected to complete:

    -2 activities for PE

    -1 for Art -

    -There are also Music activities available for you to do.

    Week of 10/26


         Math-  Lesson Material for CANVAS lesson 05.06 "The Magic of Estimating."

         Science- HMH ED lesson 5.2 E-Lesson...."How Does Matter Change?"


         Math- CANVAS Lesson 05.06 "The Magic of Estimating" Complete the Quiz/assignment

         Science- CANVAS Assignment 04.02 "Chemical Change"  Complete the lesson materials.


         Math- CANVAS Lesson 05.07 "Royal Tea Division" complete the lesson materials.

         Science- Canvas Lesson 04.02 "Chemical Change"  Complete the Quiz/Assignment.


         Math- Finish any missing work.  Due by 3 PM

         Science-  Finish any missing work.  Due by 3 PM


    Old Work


    Week Of 10/19

    Monday's Work-

       Math- CANVAS Quiz/Assignment for lesson 13.03 "Snowy Operations"

      Science- Canvas lesson 03.02 "A Model of Matter" do both the lesson materials and the Quiz/Assignment

    Tuesday's Work-

        Math- We will dive into Division this week, starting in Go!Math lesson 2.2...  The worksheet for page 33, lesson 2.2 is the assignment.

        Science- We'll be taking the CANVAS Module Assessment, 03.04 today.  It will be scored as a Quiz, not a Test.

    Wednesday's Work-

         Math-  We will continue in Go!Math today, Lesson 2.5, estimating with division.  Your assignment will be this worksheet for page 39 .

          Science-  IN science today, you'll look through the Lesson material in CANVAS Lesson 04.01, "Turning Up the Heat."  This lesson is about how matter changes.

    Thiursday's Work-

          Math-  Canvas Leddon 05.05 "Digital Quotients" do the lesson materials.  This is about the technigue of Partial Quotients.  Here's a Khan academy link for more insight on the algorithm.

          Science-  Look in "ED"  which is in your ClassLink account page.  Once on the ED site, click on the "Assignments" tab.  Look for the assignment that is titled- "Student E-Book... How Does Matter CHange?  Read pages 249-259.  

    Friday's Work-

         Math-  More work with Partial Quotients...  Do this workbook page.  Here's the same  Khan academy link from yesterday for more insight on the algorithm.

         Science- Continue working through CANVAS Lesson 04.01 "Turning up the Heat".  Make sure to complete the activity sheet at the bottom of page 8 titled "Turning upthe Heat."

     Week of 10/12
    Monday's Work (science test Tuesday)
    Math - CANVAS module 13.01  "Math Vacation"  The focus is on PEMDAS, Order of Operations. You'll do the 9 page lesson material and view this Khan Academy lesson on the topic.
    Science- We'll review the lesson on what affects the rate things dissolve, 02.04.  Please complete the Lesson quiz/assignment.
    Tuesday's Work
     Science- Today you will complete the Test for Module 2....    02.06 all about mixtures and solutions.  Remember that you can have multiple CANVAS windows open and you may use your notes.
    Math- We'll finish Lesson 13.01 today "Math Vacation."  Complete the Quiz/Assignment for this lesson.  Remember.... In PEMDAS, Multiplication and Division occur together, so do Addition and Subtraction.
    Wednesday's Work
    Math- We'll continue looking at the concept of Order of Operations, including using parentheses in an expression to get a particular answer.  Work today will be this worksheet.
    Science-  We'll be moving on to looking at how matter is structured, diving into atoms.  Today your assignment is to go to HMH Science (ED) in ClassLink and look for the assigned reading from Unit 5 Lesson 6 entitled, "Print student edition...What is the Atomic Theory?" Show up for Small group to see how to find the science assignment...
    Thursday's Work-
    Math -  We'll be looking at how to write number expressions from word problems.  We'll be in lesson 1.10 of Go!Math.  Your assignment will be this worksheet.
    Science - We'll continue with the Atomic Theory Lesson.  In class we'll look at the E-Lesson from ED lesson 5-6.  Your assigned work is to finish the reading from yesterday (found in ED under the "assignments" tab)and do the questions at the end of the reading. 
    Friday's Work-
    Math-  We'll be looking through the CANVAS Lesson 13.3 in class, and your assignment this morningis this worksheet from Go!Math.
    Science-  Today we will finish up the Elesson from Unit 5 Lesson 6 out of ED in class and you'll be assigned the CANVAS lesson 03.01 to read and work through.
    Week of 10/05   Math test Friday
        Monday's work-
    Math- CANVAS 03.04 "Rock Paper Scissors Multiply"  Complete the Lesson material and the Quiz/assignment.
    Science-  CANVAS 02.02  "Does it Dissolve?"  Look into what the terms "Soluble & Insoluble" mean.  Complete the lesson material.
    Tuesday's Work-
    Math- Complete CANVAS lesson 03.05  "Multi-Digit Multiplication Practice"   Use this Khan Academy lesson in case you need more explanation.
    Science -  Complete the Quiz/Assignment for CANVAS lesson 02.02 "Does it Dissolve". 
    Wednesday's Work-
    Math-   You've got the Quiz/assignment fro CANVAS 03.05 "Multi Digit Multiplication Practice".
    Science- We'll look at mixtures in Liquids using CANVAS lesson 02.03.  YOu have the Lesson material to work through.
    Thursday's work- (be prepared for your math test Friday)
    Math-  We'll do lesson 03.06, "Math Monster Multiplication Masters" completing the Lesson materials (SELFIE)
    Science-  We'll jump to lesson 02.04 today, "Rate of Dissolving" completing the Lesson Materials. 
    Friday's Work-
    (Science test tuesday module 2)Our total focus today is on Math....   We will complete the  math test found in CANVAS 03.08...  I will have open office time throughout class time after our big group meeting.  I will be available for your questions through that time.  The test should be done by the end of the day.

    Week of 09/29

    Tuesday's Work. 
    Science-  Take the Assessment for Module 1 in CANVAS  01.08.
    Math-  Complete the assignment for Lesson 03.01 "power Hour"  multiplying with powers of 10. 
    Wednesdays's Work-
    Math- CANVAS Math lesson 03.02 "Estimation Nation"  Estimating 1 and 2 digit multiplication problems.  Do BOTH the lesson and the "Quiz/assignment".  Here's the Khan academy link I used today.
    Science- CANVAS lesson 02.01 "Mixtures of Solids"  Looking at how mixtures can be described and seperated.  Doing only the lesson (2 days)  Submit the worksheet at the end of the lesson. 
    Thursday's Work-
    Math- CANVAS lesson 03.03 "Monster Multiplication".  We'll be looking at and using the traditional multiplication algorithm (strategy). Here's a link to Khan Academy about multiplying 2 digit factors.  
    Science- During class we'll be finishing the ED E-lesson from U5L4 that we started yesterday.  I want you to finish CANVAS lesson 02.01 and email me the completed "mixtures of Solids" worksheet found on pags 9 or 11.
     Friday's Work.... (I am not at school Friday... These are your assignments... you still need to meet with Ms. Rice at 11:35.)
    Math-  I-Ready Math (15-20 minutes) & This work sheet on the traditional multiplication strategy.Take a pic/scan of it when you are done and email it to me.  Here's a link to Khan Academy about multiplying 2 digit factors
    Science- Go to ED in ClassLink and look under the "assignments" tab.  Look for the assignment "What affects the Speed of Disolving."  Click on it and complete the activity

    Week of 9/21

    Monday's Work- Finish I-Ready Math Diagnostic
    Math- Return to lesson materials from all 5 lessons in Module 1 (01.01 thru 01.05).  Study for Math test Tomorrow.-  Lesson 01.05 "What is so Basic about Volume?"  Review and complete the 5 pages of Lesson Material. 
    Tuesday's Work-   Begin The STAR Reading Assessment.
    Math-  Today's ENTIRE FOCUS is the Math Test 01.07 in Canvas   (Due by the end of day FRIDAY). 
    Wednesday's Work-   Finish STAR Reading Assessment...  (Find the big "R" icon)
    Math work- We'll begin Module 2 today.  Your assigned the lesson material for 02.01 "Rounding the Results"  There is a worksheet on the last page that I want you to complete and send me by email.  Here is a Khan Academy link to ronding decimals.
    Science Work-  Complete the Quiz/Assignment for 01.05 What is so BAsic About Volume?.   Here's the video I used during Small Group Time. 
    Thursday's Work...(we're almost there!)  Start STAR Math Assessment
    Math-  We'll spend some more time in Rounding Decimals.  During class we'll look at some more examples together, then you'll do this worksheet for homework.  Send it to me by email....  PUT YOUR NAME ON IT ;-).
    Science Work-  We'll be doing some "Weird Science" today in class.  Looking deeper into the 3 states of matter.  Work will be lesson 01.06 "Pump Up the Volume". 
    Friday's Work List....   PLease Finish STAR Math Diagnostic
    Math work-  We will skip ahead to Lesson 03.01  "Power Hour."  It's all about multiplying by powers of 10 (we've seen some of this already.)      Here's a Khan Academy video on the topic.
    Science work-  We have a test MONDAY.......!  Spend the Weekend reviewing Lessons 01.01 thru 01.06 on states of matter..     

    week of 9/14

    Monday's Work-  Finish your I-Ready Reading Diagnostic
    Math-     Lesson 01.04  "Rounding into the Ground"   We'll do the lesson material for that today.Here's a Khan Academy link for Rounding decimals and one for rounding whole numbers
    Science-   Lesson 01.03 "the Mystery of Mass"  We'll do the Quiz activity for that today.  Remember to go back and look at the lesson material before doing today's work. 
    Tuesday's Work-   Finish your I-ready Diagnostic
    Math-  01.04-  "Rounding into the ground"  Complete the online Quiz/Homework assignmentHere's a Khan Academy link for Rounding decimals and one for rounding whole numbers
    Science- 01.04-   "weighing in on Mass"-  Do the 10 page online lesson. 
    Wednesday's Work-  Begin Your I-Ready Math Diagnostic-
    Science -  Log into ED on ClassLink.  Look under your "Assignments" tab.  Click on and complete the Activity named, "What are Some types of Investigations?"
    Math-  Complete the lesson materials for 01.05 "Decisive Decimals."  It focuses on Comparing decimal amount, you know that as < > or =.....   Here's a Khan academy link for that concept. 
    Thursday's Work-      I-Ready Math Diagnostic
    Science -    Log into ED on ClassLink.  Look under your "Assignments" tab.  Click on and complete the Activity named, "How do you perform a controlled experiment?"
    Math -    In CANVAS, Complete the Quiz/Homework assignment for lesson 01.05- "Decisive Decimals"  Your focus is on determining <  >   =.          
    Friday's Work - 
    Math - Your assignment will be THIS PDF .  Please either print it and fill it out, make it a editable PDF and fill it out, or copy the problems and answers to a piece of paper and complete it.  Then send a scan or a picture of it to me by email....   MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IE ON THE PAPER. 
    Science- Today's assignment  will be another E-Lesson from ED Learning.  It is entitled "What are Some Science Tools?"  It will spend time showing some of the different tools scientists use in different types of Investigations.


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