Updated Sunday 5/24 for the week of 5/25 - 5/29


    My email….  If you have questions.   christianos@leonschools.net


    I have a new phone number from which I will be contacting you.  (850)-570-2012.  I do not have voicemail set up yet because of tech issues, but you can still email me if you have a question.

     No new assignments this week.  I am giving you the rest of the week off.... except those of you who are behind, you still owe me work...


    I won’t get to say this in person… so here goes.

    Be CONSISTENT.  Half the battle is doing each day that which needs to be done because no one else will. 

    Be PERSISTENT.  The other half is doing what needs to be done until it is finished because only you can. 

    There are many things I would have liked to have told you, but our time was taken.

    If I take one thing from this experience it is this; time is not gauranteed and therefore we must value this moment which we are blessed to have right now, making the most of it and at the same time taking pause to capture it in our mind.  So often in class this year I counseled you about the value of your time, I hope that if you learned nothing else from me this year you learned that lesson.  Every second you are given is a treasure, use it as if it were of infinite value.  

    I have missed you.


    Parents, as 5th graders transition to Middle School, two proofs of address verification are required for all students. (This is regardless of what Middle School they are attending, Public, Private, Magnet, FSUS, etc.) The proofs of address are needed and if these are NOT received before the first day of 2020-2021 it could affect your child's Middle School schedule. 

    Please send the appropriate documentation to  porterc@leonschools.net

    First Proof: MUST be the current lease, mortgage, or deed for the primary address

    Second Proof: Can be a utility bill, driver's license, voter registration etc.  (showing this same primary address as on the first proof.)

    The address verification MUST be completed for every student even if your current address in FOCUS has not changed and is correct.  




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Last Modified on May 29, 2020