Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/21/2022 7:00:00 AM

10/17 Monday

Teacher Planning Day

10/18 Tuesday

ELA-Writing prompt, Lexia minutes and meet with Ms. Centers (interventions and enrichment), centers (Reading groups, writing small group with Ms. C-brainstorm informational article, syllable practice, vocabulary, lexia/handwriting), Kahoot review for U.2.W.1 Test

SS-Review last lesson chp. 2

10/19/22 Wednesday

ELA-Pass out new homework and reading packet, Review vocabulary, U. 2. W.1 Test, Writing workshop (turn in U. 2.W.1 reading packet)

10/20/22 Thursday

ELA-Fluency checks, meet with Ms. Centers (interentions and enrichment), page 253 in reading packet (unit 2 week 2), Centers (comprehension questions small group with Ms. C., close read reading group-problem and solution, page 254, page 279), writing workshop

10/21/22 Friday

ELA- Fluency checks, lexia, small groups with Ms. Centers (interventions, and enrichment)

Mini lesson on stable syllables, page 280 and 283, anchor chart page 255 and group discussion, writing workshop (informational article topic research and web diagram)