Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/10/2022 6:00:00 AM

10/10/22 Monday

ELA: Lexia minutes and complete late work, Reading groups + Meet with Ms. Centers, "How do we learn through observations" Unit 2 video and weekly question discussion, packet pages 213, and 242; close reading of "Far from Shore," in reading groups and homework discussion.

SS-Reading groups p. 38-42 in SS textbook

10/11/22 Tuesday

ElA- Preview vocabulary, turn in reading log, shared reading of weekly story, Class discussion (what was confusing? Connect to what you already know!), Informational text p. 216, Author's Purpose p. 238

SS-Reading groups p. 38-42 in SS textbook

10/12/22 Wednesday

ELA-Open and closed syllables and connect to spelling words, subject-verb agreement p. 246, Evaluate details p. 239 (independent practice), Graphic features p. 234-244

SS-Comprehension questions 1-4 page 42 of SS textbook

10/13/22 Thursday

ELA- Open and Closed syllable sticky note and discuss, Informational texts "Ocean Explorer" article, Details on page 247 (prepping for writing workshop), Kahoot review game

SS- Complete sequence chart for pages 38-42, and turn in with comprehension questions for chp. 2 lesson 1

10/14/22 Friday

Workshop day: Students used this day to work on and turn in any missing work for ELA and SS

Informational text B2 finish "Explorer" article, and details on page 247 (prepping for writing workshop)

Checklist for Make up work: Be sure to complete homework 8, social studies page 38-42 comprehension questions 1-4 and sequence chart, personal narrative, U.1.W.6 reading packet