Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/3/2022 5:00:00 AM

10/3/22 Monday

Block 1- Reading groups, Review most missed questions from U.1.W.4 ELA test, Poetry Anchor Chart Review, Review Figurative Language, Review Metaphor and Simile (create your own), p. 149 to introduce comparative and superlative Adjectives

extra practice sheet for adjectives

Block 2- Lexia minutes and complete online SAVVAS (realize) assignments, Anchor chart review, Review Metaphor and Simile (create your own), Common, Proper and Collective nouns p. 148 and independent practice page (turn in)

p. 141 in reading packet

Social Studies-Comprehension questions for the Hispanic Heritage Scholastic article and/or research an influential Hispanic American (a part of Scholastic packet).


Block 1-Reading groups, discuss imagery in poetry p.145, review idioms and complete sticky note quiz, p. 150 introduce Adverbs and complete extra practice sheet (turn in)

Social Studies- History Makers Scholastic reading and quiz questions

Block 2-Lexia minutes and small group, discuss imagery in poetry p. 145, p. 149 to introduce adjectives and complete extra practice sheet

Social Studies- Comprehension questions and influential Hispanic American research


Block 1-Adjective (comparative and superlative) check up, Regular and Irregular Nouns (turn in),

Kahoot Review

Social Studies- History Makers passage (Scholastic passed out in class), and questions

Block 2- Figurative Language: idioms, and idioms comprehension check (sticky note quiz in class), p. 150 in reading packet, adverbs video and adverbs worksheet. 

Kahoot Review for ELA U.1.W.4 Test

Social Studies- Complete influential Hispanic American research


Block 1-Turn in U.1.W.4 Reading Packet, Inquiry Unit Research

Social Studies-Turn in History makers passage and questions, walk through chapter 2

Block 2- U.1.W.4 ELA Test; begin Inquiry Unit Research

Social Studies: Apps article and questions (turn in)


Block 1-Inquiry Unit Research

Block 2- Review U.1.W.4 Test Corrections/Most missed questions

Social Studies-Walk through Chapter 2