• Here is where you will find information on the Flip Classroom Method.

    What is Flipped Classroom? 




    Homework: For homework, students are to watch the videos for the lesson that we will be completing in class the following day. (These videos can be found on my website - Conley Elementary home page - Faculty and staff (5th grade) - Courtney Camper - classwork)  The video will be under the date we will be going over the lesson. Students click on the lesson and a video will appear. Students are to use their packets and follow along with the video, completing every part that I complete. As soon as I have gone over instructions, students are to complete the 2 -3 questions I have asked them to try on their own. I ask that students complete only what I have asked them to complete in the video and not to complete any more of the packet, as we use those additional questions in class. 
    In class: When students come to class, they will already have the background knowledge for the lesson. We begin by going over the 2-3 questions I had them complete the prior evening. Once we have gone over those questions or any questions the students have, I then go over a couple more questions to help with clarification. Sometimes going over additional questions will be whole group or small group. Students then complete the rest of the questions on their own. I do leave word problems for one whole lesson, at the end when all lessons are complete for that packet.